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Globe intros new ‘ThePlan’ for postpaid subscribers

Globe has just introduced ThePlan which is an offering for postpaid subscribers that lets you choose between different plans with different freebies that would suit the lifestyle of its users.

The offer starts from Plan599 and goes all the way to Plan2499. All these come with a free HOOQ service for six months and Gadget Care for one month. Apart from the 24-month contract period with a device, there’s also the 6-month period if you’re going for the SIM-only bundle without a phone. When you’ve chosen your desired Plan, you can then customize it and choose a free access to one app with a monthly allocation of 1GB per month.

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There are the Surf Packs, Lifestyle Packs, and Call & Text Packs to choose from.

To see all the available options for ThePlan, head over to their website which shows a more detailed Plan layout.


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2 Responses

  1. MrOrange says:

    got in touch with Globe about theplan. like the previous mySuperPlan, there is a minimum addon you must get. previously the mySuperPlan needed the addon 499 unli call and text to Globe. with thePlan you need to get the 299 1.5Gb of data regardless if you need it or if your phone can use it or not. it’s a requirement.

    • Luc says:

      Their support people can’t provide any real and verified info:

      Loyalty: We can’t do that but you can wait and see if Globe calls you for migration.
      FB Support: It’s possible as long as you pay a pre-term fee.
      Phone Support: It’s possible. Just call Recontracting. It’s free because it’s just migration. Plan is totally customizable: If you don’t want data, you can do that. If you want to use it all for data, that’s possible as well.

      Ano ba talaga?

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