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Globe outs SHARE&SURF249 – 20GB of shareable data promo

Globe recently announced the new SHARE&SURF249, a 20GB of shareable data promo exclusively available through the GlobeOne mobile app.

The SHARE&SURF249 offers up to 20GB data shareable with a maximum of four users and is valid for 7 days. It can be shared with Globe Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers including Platinum, Globe Home Prepaid WiFi, Globe LTE Prepaid WiFi, and TM subscribers.

Here’s how to avail the SHARE&SURF249:


1. Go to your GlobeOne app. Tap “Promos” and choose “Group Data.”
2. Under the “Group Data” tab, choose SHARE&SURF249.
3. Manage your group data by adding members.

Subscribers may also register by dialing *143# on their smartphone. Just look and for the SHARE&SURF menu for prepaid. For Postpaid, go to Surfing then SHARE&SURF. Alternatively, they can text SS 249 and send it to 8080.

The promo can be managed on the Globe One App. Subscribers may get to add or remove members, manage data limits, track data usage, and leave the group.

You may visit the official Globe website for more information.

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