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Globe receives Opensignal awards in Barcelona

Globe, formally received recognition from Opensignal’s Mobile Experience Awards for 5G Video Experience, 5G Upload Speed and Core Consistent Quality in the Philippines* on the sidelines of the 2023 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last March 1.

Globe Opensignal Mwc

In Barcelona, Opensignal’s President for Market Impact Barry Graham presented the prize to Globe’s executive team, which included President and CEO Ernest Cu, Chief Transformation and Customer Experience Officer Rebecca Eclipse, SVP and Head of Network Planning and Engineering Joel Agustin, and Chief Technical Advisor Yoke Kong Seow.

“It was great to have the opportunity to receive the Opensignal award in person on the sidelines of our hectic week attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We are very happy that the improvements we are doing to our network are as tangible to our customers as the awards we’ve been cited for. These awards motivate us to continue working hard with our efforts to deliver #1stWorldNetwork to our customers,” said Cu.

Globe achieved the greatest score of 73.5 out of 100 among Philippine telcos for mobile video streaming over 5G in Opensignal’s Philippines Mobile Network Experience Report for October 2022*.

With a score of 12.8 Mbps and a 1.4 Mbps advantage over the competition, it was also recognized for having the fastest 5G upload speed in the entire country.

Additionally, Globe won the Core Consistent Quality award with a score of 76.9%, outpacing rivals’ results of 76.4% and 75.6%. Core Consistent Quality quantifies the frequency with which users’ network experiences met typical application requirements.

Globe was also named a joint winner in the 5G Voice App Experience and 5G Games Experience categories in the same report. While in Calabarzon and Metropolitan Manila, Globe was the only winner in both categories.

Global analytics companies have frequently cited Globe in a variety of measures, including 5G performance, consistency, and reliability as well as its sustainability and good governance standards.

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