Globe updates Prepaid WiFi HomeSurf Plans

Globe updates Prepaid WiFi HomeSurf Plans

Globe Telecom has silently updated its Prepaid WiFi HomeSurf plans, YugaTech has learned.

From 15GB, Globe has bumped up the HomeSurf Plan 599 data volume to 40GB, and now is available only for 15 days. Other plans such as the HomeSurf Plan 349 still has a 10GB allocation for 10 days.


There are also new plans available for HomeSurf:

  • HomeSurf 199 – 5GB for 7 days
  • HomeSurf 999 – 40GB for 30 days
  • HomeSurf1499 – 100GB for 30 days

To register, one must download the Globe at Home App and avail the desired promos through its loading menu. You can also load via Globe’s WebLoading platform or by sending HOMESURFXXX (XXX corresponds to the amount of plan you’ll avail) to 8080 through the SMS tab in your Prepaid WiFi Dashboard.

Author’s note: An earlier version of this story noted only 30GB and 45GB for HomeSurf Plans 999 and 1499, respectively. We have updated the information presented with the current volume allocations as checked with the Globe Webloading website.

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18 Responses

  1. Vyatch says:

    not bad.
    Its good for backup connection in case my fiber fails.

  2. Paul says:

    Wow, no more options to spend less than 1k a month for the prepaid wifi. Greedy much?

    Can’t wait for China Telecom to put this company out of business.

  3. K L says:

    hindi pa binabago sa website nila..

  4. siko says:

    So yung dating 599 mo for 1 month magiging 15days nalang. 1,200php na magiging monthly mo ngayon. Gahaman talaga, pinalaki nga ang data allocation liit naman ng validity.

  5. Rei says:

    The price and the Data Allocations are good for a back up connection, but for those using it as their main connection. You might want to look elsewhere. What’s good here is that you are in control of when and how you pay and if you want to stop anytime its alright since its prepaid and you are not locked in on a recurring plan even if you’re not using it.

  6. Oscar says:

    We use globe’s home prepaid wifi whenever our Globe fiber is down……My main complaint is the lack of bigger data options since 15 gb is not sufficient for a family of 6 that is composed of heavy users(all of us watch netflix at HD)…our daily consumption is 15-25 gb per day…….These new plans are a God send….40 gb for 599 should be sufficient for a back up connection(should last us 2 days)…

  7. AntiGlobeTrolls says:

    There is nothing good with this updated promo. We are already using it as a back-up connection. It doesn’t matter what’s this promo for, be it as your main line or back-up. But the point here, for most users, is that the previous promo is much better. Especially if this is intended to be a back-up line for emergency, lower data allocation with longer validity is much better than higher data allocation with shorter validity. Do the math as commenter “siko” pointed out. Globe is milking its users for more profits. All you Globe trolls out there, stop defending Globe’s bs plans.

    • Rei says:

      Sabi nga nila “Your mileage may vary” I suggest looking elsewhere for other alternatives sa post ko di ba? To each his own. I suggest before doing the “Math” do a lifestyle check first.

    • Oscar says:

      Every user has differed use cases….I personally prefer the higher data allocation of the new plans for a back up connection…….In november, we had 4 days of down time and we consumed around70 gb of date in those 4 days…….I had to pay 2,443 pesos(plan 349 X 7) for those 4 days……with the new plans, I only need to pay 1,198 pesos(plan 599 X 2)….that’s a difference of 1,245 pesos…..

  8. Stephen says:

    I actually plan on disconnecting my main Globe broadband line at home and making this my main line instead because of us always staying abroad and only come back to the Philippines time to time if needed. Do you guys think it’s a good switch for me? Also is the P599 promo still available given the new promos?

  9. bleh says:

    The promos have changed again. Today I don’t see the 10GB/PHP 349 on the app anymore. And the 40GB/PHP 599 is down to 15GB/PHP 599.

  10. Jed says:

    It has been update its now 50/1Gb 1499 is now 45GB.

    Now it costs more!!!

  11. rico says:

    do you still need to register gosurf to avail homesurf? please reply

  12. rhoda says:

    Ok na sana yung 599 1 month.. di naman lahat nauubos yun, ginawa pang 599 15 days.. buti kung ang bilis bilis ng net nyo. price lang ang na update di ang service.

  13. Khel says:

    newbie, ask ko lng ipad gamit gamit ko bkit kpg nglalaro ako ng ML kpg mobile data lng mababa naman ung bawas sa data pero kpg ngkonek nko sa prepaid wifi ang laki ng bawas.salamat

  14. ellen says:

    may data capping ba to? 800mb /day?

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