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Globe: You have 5 days to reactivate your SIM

With the deadline of the SIM Registration yesterday, Globe SIM cards have already been deactivated. Globe is reminding subscribers that they have 5 days to re-activate their SIM cards. Otherwise, the SIM card will be permanently unusable.

If you still missed the SIM registration deadline, you have a final grace period to comply with the law.

Globe, TM, and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi users who missed the July 25 deadline for SIM registration will already feel the impact of non-compliance, with their outgoing services and incoming calls deactivated.

But, as stipulated in the implementing rules and regulations of the SIM Registration Act, they still have five days- from July 26 to 30– to catch up and save their SIM from permanent deactivation. Their incoming SMS is still left active so they could receive a One-Time Pin for SIM registration.

“Globe recognizes the essential role of uninterrupted mobile and broadband services in our customers’ daily lives. So, as provided for in the law, SIM users get this last chance to register their SIMs after missing the initial and extended registration deadlines. Our team is committed to assisting our customers who need help. We strongly urge everyone to seize this opportunity to avoid any inconvenience,” said Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO.

To reactivate your SIMs and restore full mobile services, customers have to connect to a WiFi network and complete their SIM registration via Globe’s dedicated platform at https://new.globe.com.ph/simreg or through the GlobeOne app. Globe Stores and EasyHubs are also open to assist walk-in customers who need assistance. Reactivation of full mobile services will happen within 24 hours following.

Failure to reactivate during this five-day grace period will lead to permanent SIM deactivation. As a consequence, all services, including incoming and outgoing text messages, calls, and mobile data connectivity will no longer be available. This may also impact access to active mobile applications, including banking, transport and other apps crucial for daily needs.

Starting July 31, 2023, all remaining load balances and promo registrations on unregistered SIMs will also be forfeited. Those with deactivated SIMs who need mobile services will have to purchase new SIMs, which will then also have to be registered to activate.

The SIM registration grace period is the final opportunity for customers to register their SIMs and secure their mobile services. Globe, TM, and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customers are encouraged to act swiftly to avoid the consequences of permanent deactivation.

Customers are reminded that SIM registration is an integral part of the broader initiative to strengthen customer security and prevent fraud. Completing this step is necessary not only to retain their mobile services but to ensure their digital safety.

To learn more about Globe, visit https://www.globe.com.ph/.

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar for Julie Ann Canton ponteres Julie Ann Canton ponteres says:

    Good eve ma’am /sir,how can I reactivate my sim card globe, because it’s no signal 10 days ago,I need my sim to activate because I use it in my buseness

  2. Avatar for Roel Mondelo Roel Mondelo says:

    Please reactivate on My sim the deactivate

  3. Avatar for Jasmin esquilona Jasmin esquilona says:

    Pls…. I want to reactivate my sim. I can’t receive any message


    How can i reactivate my number i can’t recieved any text messages and calls my sim dont have signals already

  5. Avatar for Evelyn rico Evelyn rico says:

    Iregester my semcard

  6. Avatar for gingx gingx says:

    they should find another solution!!! In other countries theres no way of deactivated they can even reactivate your sim in a sense of not registering to a new sim again.its funny people will spend again for new sim and recharge to call the csr..

  7. Avatar for Gurpreet singh Gurpreet singh says:

    Please reactivate my number I’m no receive my tex

  8. Avatar for donald duck donald duck says:

    I find it hilarious how these clowns continue to peddle misleading information that they claim sim registration will prevent fraud stop scams when in reality fraudster/ scammers do not even need a Sim card when they can and have been using internet based apps / services to achieve the same goal

    This policy was never about stopping cybercrime this is more about government using it for surveillance and for other means like BIR for example to go after online sellers bloggers and freelance workers to tax these people

    And it’s well known already that sim card registration has been a massive failure in other countries that are more advance than we are so what makes government think they can do what others failed

    Sim card registration is much more harmful as it’s a violation of privacy it’s a violation of rights and freedoms no matter how you dress it

    By complying with this sham is giving hackers and criminals more information to scam us it’s only a matter if time before our details are either leaked or hacked

    Government has shown time after time they cannot even secure their own networks so what chances dk telcos have especially telcos like Dito that are part owned by china telecom that’s our data at risk right there

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