GMA, TV5 now airing shows with closed captioning

GMA, TV5 now airing shows with closed captioning

Local TV networks GMA and TV5 have started airing shows on their respective channels with closed captioning (CC) or adding soft subtitles as part of implementing rules for a newly-enacted bill which lapsed into a law last year.


Both networks have started to air shows with closed captioning pursuant to the Republic Act 10905 or also known as “An Act Requiring All Franchise Holders or Operators of Television Stations and Producers of Television Programs to Broadcast or Present Their Programs With Closed Caption Options.”

GMA touts that it is the first in the country to do so according to its press release and have been doing CC mostly for the movies shown on block timeslots in both GMA and GMA News TV channels since September, with more programs from the two channels being added in the mix by this month. We also personally noticed TV5 testing closed captioning for their Aksyon news programs as they sync their teleprompters to closed caption airing.

RA 10905 requires all television networks to provide closed captioning on their channels to aid for those with difficulties or disabilities in hearing. The same said law, however, allows the networks to exempt programs to be CC’d such as short public service announcements under ten minutes and shows that air early in the morning from 1:00 – 6:00 am. The law was approved by the Senate in May 2016, with existing constitutional rules allowing it to become a law after it lapsed the required period of time to be vetoed or signed by the President.

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  1. May 27, 2021

    […] dan produser acara televisi di Filipina melengkapi acara televisinya dengan closed captioning. GMA dikabarkan menjadi jaringan televisi pertama yang mulai menerapkan closed captioning di acara […]

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