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Google announces Titan Security Key

Google is finally making their dream of pushing security keys out on the market in the form of the Titan Security Key. These are physical keys aimed at improving login authentications over Bluetooth and USB. Google promises better phishing protection and authentication. The key is paired with FIDO’s security system.

The Titan Security Key uses 2-step verification without the need for a 3rd party platform, such as a one-time code or text message. The key’s authentication is also simple and easy, just tap on the button of the key to input the codes.

The key is primarily targeted at cloud admins, people who have access to a lot of sensitive data and systems. It works with various devices and apps, FIDO’s protocol, and are built by a firmware written by Google themselves. The firmware verifies the integrity of security keys at a hardware level.

The key is now available for cloud admins and will soon be sold on Google Stores worldwide.

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  1. Edjay says:

    Very useful for personal security! I wish i can benefit also this one.

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