Google expands Snapshot feature in Google Assistant

Google expands Snapshot feature in Google Assistant

Google has expanded the Snapshot feature in Google Assistant.

Now, Snapshot is more helpful and proactive, keeping users updated with their upcoming tasks while also providing them with recommended activities and more, all in one place on Android and iOS devices.

With the new update, they’ll be able to see a summary of their most important tasks like agenda for the day, reminders for bills payment, and even upcoming birthdays and holidays. It also helps them to find helpful recommendations for dinner, activities, and podcasts with a more tailored recommendation based on their preferences.


By saying “Hey Google, show me my day”, they can activate and view their Snapshot and see all important notifications in one place. This only works for smartphones with English as the default language. However, Google says that it will roll out more languages soon.

It also adds notifications for upcoming birthdays, reminding users to suggestions call, text, or even sing a personalized birthday song for their contacts. This feature will be exclusive to English-speaking countries.

Google shares that this is only the beginning. They promise to keep exploring new ways for Google Assistant to be there to help users before even asking it.

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