Google Lens releases new features to improve productivity

Google Lens releases new features to improve productivity

Google’s image recognition app Google Lens has received a new update that boosts productivity.

The new Google Lens update incorporates text-to-speech technology, cross-platform integration, and better web searching. Check out the features below:

Copy text from paper to your laptop

Previously, users were able to select, copy, and paste text from notes and documents on paper to their phones. Now, there’s a new “copy to computer” option that pastes the selected text to another signed-in device with Chrome. This feature does require the latest version of Chrome for both devices, and both devices need to be signed into the same Google account.


Learn new words and how to pronounce them

In addition to Google Translate integration, users now have a “Listen” button to hear the foreign words and phrases out loud so they can learn how to pronounce them.

Quickly look up new concepts

If there are words or phrases you don’t understand in a book, newspaper, or any paper document, you may now look them up faster with in-line Google Search results.

Google has confirmed that these features are rolling out today for Android and iOS, except for the Listen feature, which will be coming soon to iOS.

Download: Android, iOS

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