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Google Nest Wifi announced

In its Made by Google event, Google announced the Nest Wifi, a refreshed version of its Google Wifi mesh router system.


The Nest Wifi is composed of two devices, the Nest Wifi router that plugs into the modem, and the Nest Wifi point to expand the coverage. Google states that the Nest Wifi can deliver up to two times the speed and up to 25% of better coverage. The system is scalable, and consumers can buy more Nest Wifi points for additional coverage. The Nest Wifi point also doubles as a smart speaker with Google Assistant.

Pre-orders for the Nest Wifi are now ongoing in the US and will be available for purchase on November 4. The Nest Wifi is priced at:

  • Nest Wifi router – USD 169
  • Nest Wifi point – USD 149
  • Two-pack (One router + one point) – USD 269
  • Three-pack (One router + two points) – USD 349

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