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GrabBike services are available again

Grab’s motorcycle taxi service, GrabBike, seems to be available in the Philippines once again.

Several members of the team appeared to have GrabBike in the list of vehicles that one can book in the Grab app, while others did not have the option. In the screencap given to us by a teammate, the word “TEST” is written next to Grab-Bike. It seems that the service is currently available on a test run for a limited number of users.


Similar to Angkas and the like, GrabBike lets users book a motorcycle to transport them from one place to another. The service was launched by Grab in the Philippines in 2015, with limited operations. In 2016, Grab suspended GrabBike per a directive from the LTFRB, citing that motorcycles are an unauthorized mode of public transportation.

Grab has not officially declared whether the service is back for good. Stay tuned for more updates.

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4 Responses

  1. Rei says:

    While welcomed, I can’t help but see the irony that Grab Bike’s previous top dog officer is actually now the CEO/Founder of rival Angkas.

  2. bumble says:

    motorcycle taxi is a job opportunity for poor people…even having high risk of accident.trying to have decent job and serve the public..WHY THE LTFRB DONT THINK OF THE RISK OF PASSENGERS TAKING MOTORCYCLE,?WHY THEY DONT MAKE PROPER LANE FOR MOTORCYCLE,?..

  3. bumble says:

    motorcycle taxi is a job opportunity for poor people,even having high risk of accident,they want to have decent jobs…WHY LTFRB,MMDA DONT THINK OF SAFETY OF MOTORCYCLES,?WHY THEY DONT MAKE PROPER LANE FOR MOTORCYCLE ONLY?NOT LIKE NOW IN EDSA ,MOTORCYCLE LANE AT THE CEBTER OF EDSA?THINK PROPERLY….NOT HOW TO TAKE MONEY….

  4. Pno po mg aply sa grab food bike

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