Home Credit offers online payment of loans and bills

Home Credit offers online payment of loans and bills

Home Credit now offers cashless and contactless online payment of loans and bills through its digital payment channels.

With the My Home Credit app and Home Credit website, customers with existing accounts or loans can pay online through their Visa and Mastercard debit and Bancnet bank cards. It applies to any kind of loan including commodity loan, cash loan, and credit card bills. One of its features is its 24/7 availability, wherein customers may get to transact anytime without queues or business hours to follow.


Here’s a guide on how to pay your Home Credit loan through the following Home Credit online payment channels:

via My Home Credit app
1. Go to Loan Dashboard and tap the “Pay” button.
2. Click “Pay Online”.
3. Choose Debit Cards for local Visa/Mastercard, then Add Card.
4. Enter your card credentials for
5. Enter the amount you need to pay.
6. Confirm payment.

Pay through the Home Credit website:
1. Go to the Home Credit website and look for the Pay Now button on the Payments tab. Alternatively, you can click on the “Pay my Installments” button on the Cover Advisory Ribbon.
2. Enter Home Credit account details such as loan account number, mobile number, birthday, and amount to be paid.
3. Choose your preferred payment option. Upon confirming your account details, you will be redirected to the payment partners page to select your preferred payment option and complete your transaction.
4. Complete payment.

Once payment has been made, customers will be notified for their transaction receipt on both platforms.

Customers must have a registered account in the My Home Credit app, a local debit card with Visa or Mastercard logo, or an active online account with BancNet, UnionBank, and BPI to enjoy the seamless payment option.

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