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Huawei launches Reality Studio tool for 3D design rendering

Huawei has recently launched the Reality Studio, a multi-functional tool for 3D design rendering that provides scene editing, animation, and interactive elements to designers and developers.

Compared to its competitors, the company claims that the Reality Studio has a low threshold, more user-friendly, and highly efficient. It generates XR content quickly, supports complex animations, and sharable through social software or URL links.

Among its special features are:
• Scene editing – XR component including cameras and lights etc., moving and zooming of the model in the scene, editing the material and texture, and beautifying the appearance of the model.
• Animation – support frame animation and skeletal animation playback, frame animation editor, allows movement of the model, and creation of more vivid and interesting scenes.
• Interactive models – interactive controls, trigger animations, allows users to experience in-depth creativity.

The Reality Studio also exports 3D scene files and may display it in web pages through the JavaScript plugin provided by Huawei.

Available for download in the Huawei Developer website, the tool can be applied to various industries such as education, e-commerce, shopping, and entertainment, among others.

Currently, the tool only supports basic editing of the model. Developers would need to create 3D designs from professional 3D modeling software.

via Sparrows News

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