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Huawei Mate 50 Pro’s SuperStorage feature can save up to 20GB

Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone, the Mate 50 Pro, comes with the SuperStorage feature that allows it to save up to 20GB in storage space by compressing duplicate files and seldom-used apps.

To help users free up more storage space in a more convenient manner and not depend on third-party solutions, Huawei R&D engineers developed SuperStorage which is built in EMUI 13.

According to Huawei, instead of the common industry way of scanning files and letting users decide whether to delete them as a whole, SuperStorage technology can get out of the constraints of the application level and optimize the compression of duplicate files and infrequent applications based on the file system level.

For example, if the same file is sent to multiple group chats, several duplicate files will be generated in the system. SuperStorage technology can identify these files, compress them, and preserve the access path. It ensures that while multiple duplicate files can be accessed normally, only one storage space is occupied. Even if multiple files are scattered in different applications.

In addition to compressing duplicates, the feature also eliminates re-downloads. Some group chats allow for automatic downloads or re-downloads of photos and videos, which can result in at least 3 copies of the same photo in the same folder. With SuperStorage, users no longer have to delete manually as your phone itself can prevent this from happening. Additionally, the system can also identify applications that are not commonly used by the user for a period of time.

For rarely-used apps, they will be compressed under the user’s confirmation. The system offloads the application in real time when the user needs to reuse it to achieve lightweight storage management.

Huawei says that SuperStorage is seamless, as file deduplication and application compression do not affect the normal use of mobile phones by users.

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