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iOS users may soon be able to edit sent messages

A new Apple patent application was published in the US Patent and Trademark Office this week, showcasing a new messaging app with more features than iMessage.

The patent includes features not included in iOS, such as ways to acknowledge messages, bubble texts, display private messages, synchronize viewing content between users, in-app translation, and combining messages in a group.

However, the most exciting feature of all is the ability to edit a sent text. iOS users may now choose to edit sent texts, even those sent to a group, and show “a revised version of the message” to the recipients. There’s also a “Show Edits” button that allows users to view the history of the changes, however, it’s unclear whether that feature is reserved for the original sender or everyone in the group.

Unfortunately, there are no details on when these features will be rolled out to users as of yet.

Source: Macrumors

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  1. bogs says:

    viber feature?

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