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JuanCash, JuanExchange financial service platforms launched

Zybi Tech has launched JuanCash, an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) app, and Juan Exchange, a Virtual Currency Exchange (VCE) trading platform, in the Philippines.

• Juancash • Juancash, Juanexchange Financial Service Platforms Launched

JuanCash is an app that offers features such as mobile prepaid loading, fund transfer, and bills and utilities payment. It comes with a “Scan-To-Pay’ system where a QR code can be utilized by an end-user for sending and receiving money. The app can also be used to sell prepaid load to individuals, and also trade cryptocurrencies through the app wallet.

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Realme Philippines

• Juancash2 • Juancash, Juanexchange Financial Service Platforms Launched

On the other hand, JuanExchange is a virtual currency platform (VCE) that features cryptocurrency available to the international market. It allows buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies. The platform also offers an international order book that details pricing and highest liquidity and multi-currencies for flexible transactions.

JuanCash is now available on Android and iOS. The JuanExchange platform can be accessed through the JuanCash app or through its dedicated website here. For more information, visit the JuanCash website.

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