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Kalaro, a gamer-centric social platform, is launching this year

A new digital platform made by Filipinos, Kalaro, is launching this year.

Designed for gamers, Kalaro is an end-to-end social networking app that will feature tournament management and corporate brand sponsorship to cater to the country’s sports industry. It’s a virtual space where gamers can compete in both local and international events.

The platform will serve everyone involved in esports, including players, coaches, teams, influencers, team owners, leagues, and fans. Kalaro will enable users to meet others, converse, get updates, watch live streams, and interact in real-time.

Gamers may use their existing Facebook, Twitch, Google, Mobile number, or email address to signup. There will also be a premium member option with an annual fee that will grant users exclusive access to unique features. All users will also be given a Kalaro e-wallet, which can be used to purchase Gems. The gems are then used to gain access to exclusive events and unique features. Kalaro will also be giving away loyalty incentives in the form of Kalaro Points, which can be converted to gaming and esports merchandise.

Lastly, Kalaro will also enable brands to set up online storefronts. There will be dedicated panels that allow companies to advertise, sponsor, and sell gaming merchandise. Additionally, members will gain access to discounts and other promos sold on the marketplace.

“Our goal is to create a central hub for esports entertainment and at the same time support budding and expert Filipino esports e-athletes to excel through the active support from the esports community and sponsorship from corporate brands,” said Jun D. Lasco, Kalaro software architect and Founder of The-AsiaGroup.com Inc. / Pnex Intl Corporation.

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