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LG launches new LSAA LED Series of digital signages

LG Electronics introduces a new range of digital signages.

Dubbed as the LG LSAA LED series, the installation adopts a block-assembly design. With up to 4K UHD resolution, the display is installed in a single LED cabinet hub that provides power and signal to the entire signage without additional cables. The display also supports HDR10 and remote control, wireless data transfer, and cable-less power docking.

It comes with an optional embedded back-up power supply unit and dual controllers with bi-directional signal input for minimizing dead pixels. The LG LSAA LED series is powered by an Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor which improves picture quality with AI and uses a common cathode method for energy efficiency.

The LSAA series also offers a plethora of unique features such as compatibility to AV conference systems, EMC Class B Certification which makes it usable on both residential and commercial environments, and Standby Mode for saving power.

Customers may also get the optional Signage365Care service for maintenance and after-sales service.

LG’s newest LED signage is now available in North America and Europe. Subsequent rollouts are scheduled to take place in Latin America and Asia.  Stay tuned for its local pricing and availability.

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    Wow! That’s Innovation

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