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LG Magnit Micro LED signage solution announced

LG unveils its Micro-LED signage solution for commercial display technology, the LG Magnit.

The LG Magnit sports a 163-inch Micro LED display in 4K resolution with self-emissive micrometer-scale pixels to its substrate board for sharper images, improved contrast, and a wider  viewing angle. It features the brand’s new Black Coating technology to its front display that protects tiny LED pixels against moisture, dust, and external impact. The commercial display has also anti-glare and anti-fingerprint features.

It runs under LG’s webOS smart signage platform for intuitive navigation and control of the many useful functions, features, and presets. Moreover, it is powered with an AI-powered ? image processor found in LG TVs automatically optimizes picture quality in real-time.

Other than that, it also has a hassle-free installation and configuration. Each Micro LED display comes with a cabinet that allows technicians to quickly put up the large-scale display on site and power the display through the pin connectors located on the edges of the LED cabinet hub. The LG Magnit can transmit signals wirelessly  to other cabinets through its non-contact connector technology.

The LG Magnit will be available in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Price is yet to be announced.

Source: LG

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