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Magic Leap unveils Magic Leap One “Creator Edition” AR/MR Headset

Magic Leap was a company founded way back in 2010 that focuses on augmented reality and computer visions. The company has been racking up funding and investments ever since 2010 and now has the backing of major players like Google and Alibaba.

In 2015 they teased a few videos featuring how their would be product works, although the device itself was not revealed. Now Magic Leap has unveiled the said product in the form of the Magic Leap One “Creator Edition”, an augmented reality/mixed reality headset.

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Magic Leap Logo • Magic Leap Unveils Magic Leap One &Quot;Creator Edition&Quot; Ar/Mr Headset

The company finally showcased the device and we now have actual pictures of the product, including more details on how it works. Sadly, the first batch of the hedset is aimed towards creators, hence the naming, with no clear indication of a consumer release just yet.

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Magic Leap One Parts • Magic Leap Unveils Magic Leap One &Quot;Creator Edition&Quot; Ar/Mr Headset

The device itself is made out of three parts — The Lightwear, Lightpack and a remote. The Lightwear, as the name suggests, is the goggle itself packed with six cameras and four built-in microphones while the Lightpack is the computer attachment that is connected to the goggles, which can easily be stowed or hanged on your trousers. The controller will come with 6DOF (degrees of freedom) and provide haptic feedback. The Lightwear will also come in two sizes and orders for prescription lenses will be possible.

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Magic Leap One • Magic Leap Unveils Magic Leap One &Quot;Creator Edition&Quot; Ar/Mr Headset

The Magic Leap One “Creator Edition” is set for a 2018 release along with the company’s “Creator Portal” which gives developers access to a software development kit (SDK) and various tools to start development on applications. Pricing and exact availability of the device though, are yet to be announced.

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