MediaTek applies for permission to supply Huawei with chips

MediaTek applies for permission to supply Huawei with chips

Taiwanese chipset manufacturer MediaTek has recently applied for permission in continuing the supply of chips for Huawei.

According to a statement from MediaTek in a Reuters report, the company has applied for permission to ship chips to Huawei after September 15, 2020. It also shared that it will follow global trade rules and regulations to avoid any future conflict.


Last August, the US government, under President Donald Trump, has expanded the trade ban for a Chinese tech company that previously expired its general license. The general license temporarily allows partnerships from American companies that supply chips, software, and other US technologies to Huawei.

Earlier in August, Huawei CEO Richard Yu revealed that the Mate 40 series could be the last smartphone to carry Kirin flagship chipsets. With the move, MediaTek might just save Huawei from its chipset dilemma.


Source: Reuters

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