Meralco announces lower electricity prices for holidays

Meralco announces lower electricity prices for holidays

MERALCO has announced lower electricity prices this holiday season.

The company has revealed lower power rates toward the end of the year as the overall rate for a typical household decreased by PHP 0.0352/kWh to PHP 8.4753/kWh this December. This is said-to-be equivalent to a decrease of around PHP 7 in the total bill of residential customers that consume 200 kWh. This month’s overall rate is also a net rate reduction of PHP 1.3870/kWh, equivalent to a bill reduction of more than PHP 277 for a 200-kWh household. This is also the second-lowest overall power rate since September 2017.

Watch the Meralco Advisory video below.



Meanwhile, MERALCO continues its services, such as service applications, payments, and other transactions during the General Community Quarantine (GCQ). As featured on Meralco Advisory for December, the company has made paying monthly electricity bills more convenient. Only the Customer Account Number or CAN, which is printed on the bill, is needed during payment.

For everyone’s safety, strict safety measures are still being implemented, such as the “No Mask, No Entry” rule, Social Distancing, and Temperature Check. Other than these, there are also frontliners available and ready in the area. The company assures that these frontliners have passed the rapid COVID-19 testing authorized by the Pasig City Health Office. Plus, acrylic barriers are set up in the MERALCO branches to protect both the customers and the frontliners.

However, MERALCO still encourages customers to use Meralco Online to transact from the safety of their homes. Customers may pay their bills through various options, including the MERALCO Mobile App, MERALCO Online, and MERALCO authorized payment channels.

You may visit the official MERALCO website for more information.

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