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Meralco says “energy-saving” devices do not work

Meralco has purchased and tested some of the so-called “energy-saving” devices that are currently offered in the market to find out if it really helps in lowering your electricity bill.

In a report by ABS-CBN News, Meralco tested the devices by simulating a household with two lighting fixtures, a TV, and an electric fan. Meralco concludes that “energy-saving” gadgets are not effective in lowering your energy consumption.

Photo from Meralco Facebook page


Engineer Alfred Iporac, Manager of Meralco Power Lab, said that these plug-in devices show no evidence of savings and the devices’ no load consumption might even increase your power consumption. Meralco suggests other practices of saving electricity like taking advantage of energy-efficient appliances and lighting fixtures.

Hit the source link below for ABS-CBN’s complete video report.

source: ABS-CBN News

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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20 Responses

  1. bern says:

    it is one-sided claim, they would only want us to use more electricity to get more from us.

  2. DJ says:

    Not surprising at all! Come on guys, it’s just the law of conservation of energy. You can’t just plug-in some magic device and expect your power consumption to go down without really changing your habits.

    Unfortunately, as bern’s comment shows, people don’t trust Meralco.

  3. Henie says:

    Those energy-saving devices claim to work only on certain appliances with eletric motors like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. It doesn’t claim to reduce power consumption on lighting fixtures, TVs, and electric fans. It’s clearly stated on their packaging, manuals and ads. Either Meralco didn’t bother to research properly before conducting their tests or they intentionally leave out this important detail.

    • Analog says:

      It will have a negligible effect on the power consumption. as i’ve said, this kind of device only “corrects” the power factor seen by the source. A purely resistive load has a power factor of 1. Capacitive and inductive loads are opposites, but both tend to decrease the power factor.
      Since most loads are inductive (fan motors for example), these scammers have a simple solution to increase the powerfactor back to one: adding capacitors in parallel.
      Correcting the power factor does reduce the current flowing from the source however, since the power meter is measuring the real power, then, the decrease in current was just compensated by the increase in power factor.
      Real power (Watts) = V * I * PF
      Wherein PF= cos (theta) = cos(real power/apparrent power)

    • Henie says:

      Regardless if the device works or not, Meralco should have conducted their tests based on the products’ claim… less power consumption on air conditioners not TVs. If a powerbank claims it can charge three iphones, you don’t use three galaxy notes to test its claim.

    • Analog says:

      I was able to watch the video, and saw some home appliance such as electric fan. I do believe they also have ACs, fridges, fluourescent bulbs for testing.
      You might want to search on the net where in alot of independent labs trying to debunk this scam.
      You may also want to check this another article from a US agency:http://www.nist.gov/pml/div684/power_121509.cfm

  4. hahaha says:

    Funny, i personally know some high ranking meralco official who uses that kind of device and claims it lowers his bill by as much as 30%. When I say high ranking I mean a senior electrical engineer and head of the dept.

    • Analog says:

      This is unbelievable! How the hell was he able to become a senior electrical engineer without concrete knowledge on power factor correction?

    • hahaha says:

      Oh they are very knowledgeable about pf in theory. it is about application they are having trouble because there is no perfect electric system in existence. These devices act like capacitors some said while others disagree and the debate goes on and on. I do not know the processes involved in becoming senior engrs but one thing is I am sure of, having work with them for years. These people are smart, experienced, and respectable.

    • Analog says:

      Seriously, im interested in exchanging ideas with professionals like your acquaintance/friend.
      As mentioned in another post, i was able to open one of these devices and they only contain capacitors. And running LEDs to add some interests (but only adds to power consumption).

  5. Analog says:

    Meralco’s advice is indeed right and factual.
    I usually see these devices being demoed and sold in ACE hardware and other stores and usually costs around 2000 Php.
    Once opened one a device and found out that it only consists of capacitor banks and a running LED circuit. These scammers are selling the device for 2000 pesos from <50 peso BOM cost, i don't get why Meralco or any other agency is not filing a case against these companies and the sellers.

    technical note: Meralco is charging us in KWhr unit of energy, which means this is a product of real power (KW) and time (hr).
    Yet this device will only affect your "reactive power (KVAR)", thus also your "apparent power" (KVA), not your real power.

  6. Oona says:

    The V3 device from Ace works for me. I use 2. I usually pay 11k before I bought the 2 devices, now my bill is usually around 7-8 monthly using the same load.

  7. I need to see more proof of this before I really believe it. I do understand the premise. To the general public we believe when someone or some company says it is an energy savings product but how do we really know for sure…we don’t! http://www.relectric.com

  8. This is really disappointing news, if it is really true. I would like to see the data of these claims.

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