Metro Manila 5G speeds rank among the worst in APAC –Opensignal

Opensignal’s latest analysis on 5G experience of 11 biggest cities in Asia Pacific region showed that Metro Manila 5G performance ranked the fourth worst in download speeds at 150.7 Mbps and second worst in upload speeds at 14.4 Mbps.

5g Download And Upload Speeds By Opensignal August 2022

Photo/ Opensignal

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Seoul and Kuala Lumpur lead the race in terms of 5G download speeds at 453.1 Mbps, and in terms of 5G upload speeds at 52.8 Mbps, respectively.

In other segments of the analysis, Metro Manila placed 8th in terms of 5G video experience at 71.6 score, and placed the last in terms of 5G games experience at 66.6 score on a 100 point scale.

“5G users in Seoul, Singapore and Jakarta enjoyed the best experience when playing real-time multiplayer mobile games over 5G connections,” Opensignal stated.

As compared to other countries, Taipei (81.3), Auckland (80), Singapore and Hong Kong (both 78.6) topped the 5G video experience. While Seoul (87.2) topped the 5G games experience, followed by Singapore (86.1), and Jakarta (83.7).

On the brighter side, Metro Manila retained at the top spot for 5G versus 4G video experience improvement, and locked in at second spot for 5G vs 4G download speeds.

5g Video And Games Experience

Photo/ Opensignal

“Metropolitan Manila is in second place with a 5G Download Speed score that was 7.3 times faster than its average 4G upload speeds,” Opensignal explained.

On that note, Kuala Lumpur topped the ratio internet speeds of its 5G that’s 19 times faster than its 4G internet speeds.

“In addition, when we look at the improvement in users’ experience when streaming mobile video, our users in Metropolitan Manila saw the greatest uplift — their 5G Video Experience score of 71.6 was 54% higher than their 4G Video Experience.”

Source: Opensignal

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  1. Avatar for bulok bulok says:

    well, expected na yan. pero these telcos are so proud with their 5g, embarassing.

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    Mas malaki yata yung test site metro Manila try nila City of Manila lang…

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    no doubt.

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