Microsoft Surface Duo, Surface Neo announced

Microsoft Surface Duo, Surface Neo announced

Microsoft has introduced a new array of Surface devices, including the Surface Duo and Surface Neo.

The Surface Duo is an Android-powered dual-screen foldable phone, with displays measuring at 5.6-inches, connected by a 360-degree hinge. The device unfolds to a full 8.3-inches, and similar to the Neo, the displays can run two different apps at the same time. It is also compatible with the Surface Pen.


The Surface Neo is a dual-screen foldable tablet with both the displays measuring at 9-inches with a 360-degree hinge connecting them. The device measures 13-inches once opened in full. It includes a removable keyboard and is compatible with the Surface Pen and a Bluetooth-enabled mouse. It’s set to run on Windows 10X as its operating system.

Both the Surface Neo and Surface Duo are scheduled to be released by Holiday 2020. Microsoft has not yet announced the devices’ full specs and pricing.

Check out both devices’ introduction videos below:

Surface Neo

Surface Duo

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