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Minecraft coming to PlayStation VR


Minecraft is the latest game that will get support on the PlayStation VR.

Minecraft • Minecraft Coming To Playstation Vr

Game developer Mojang Studios has recently confirmed the PlayStation VR support for Minecraft. According to the team, it will come as a patch for the main game. Players on the PlayStation 4 will automatically receive the patch to access the new Minecraft VR functionality for free. However, they will need to have the PlayStation VR setup in order to enjoy it.

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There will be new settings and guidance for the PS VR experience. Players may choose in two modes: Immersive and Living Room. They may still use their DualShock 4 controller to move around and do other things in the Minecraft world.

This Minecraft + PlayStation VR experience is made possible by the collaborative effort of SkyBox Labs, Mojang Studios, and Sony.

The Minecraft PlayStation VR support will arrive this September.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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