NTF on COVID-19 approves Angkas' design for back riding

NTF on COVID-19 approves Angkas’ design for back riding

Following the IATF’s decision to allow motorcycle back riding for married couples, common-law couples, and live-in partners, Angkas has submitted a new prototype for a physical barrier worn by riders.

One of the requirements set by the IATF for back riding is a physical barrier between the passenger and driver. Angkas’ design is a backpack-type barrier with safety handles towards the bottom. The sides and top also fold outward towards the passenger, which should alleviate problems that flat-panel barriers have. On Monday, July 13, National Task Force on COVID-19 chairman Delfin Lorenzana has approved Angkas’ proposed design.


While Angkas’ design has been approved, Lorenzana has reiterated that back-riding is only allowed for married couples, common-law couples, and live-in partners.


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  1. JuzSayin says:

    why? why? why?!! para lang may masabi na may ginagawa silang mga preventive measures na sobrang non-sense naman? para saan yung barrier? dapat may barrier din yung kama, hapag-kainan, sala ng mag-partner kung ganyan lang din pala ang iniisip nila. SMH

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