OnePlus 7 Pro scores 111 points on DxOMark

OnePlus 7 Pro scores 111 points on DxOMark

After the OnePlus 7 series’ release, DxOMark released its camera benchmark score for the OnePlus 7 Pro placing the device on third place.

Overall, the OnePlus 7 Pro received a 111 score with the photo scoring 118. Here is the breakdown of their assessment:



  • Accurate target exposures and wide dynamic range
  • Fast, accurate, and repeatable autofocus
  • Well-preserved detail in all conditions
  • Good detail in medium- and long-range zoom shots
  • Accurate exposure and minimal corner shading using flash
  • Effective depth estimation and nice bokeh effect in Portrait mode


  • White balance casts are sometimes visible
  • Visible luminance noise in the shadows in indoor images
  • Slightly low target exposure on backlit portraits
  • Desaturated color and luminance noise in zoom shots

For video, the device has 98 points with the following pros and cons:


  • Well-preserved detail in all conditions
  • Accurate target exposures in most conditions
  • White balance is generally accurate
  • Fast autofocus response with scene changes
  • Fairly effective stabilization


  • Differences in frame sharpness in walking videos
  • Coarse noise on moving subjects in low light
  • Strong aliasing
  • Slightly limited dynamic range

The OnePlus 7 Pro has overtaken the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, P20 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which were all sitting at the third spot with the score of 109. This is also the first time this year that the company made it to the top 10 in DxOMark. Check out the specs here.

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