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Ookla releases Speedtest Global Index for February 2018

Ookla has just released their Speedtest Global Index for January 2018, comparing the internet date speed from all over the world.

Mobile speeds for the Philippines

According to the index, the Philippines has an average mobile download speed of 12.67Mbps, and a mobile upload speed of 5.89Mbps. As for fixed broadband, we have a download speed of 16.09Mbps, and an upload speed of 13.80Mbps.

Fixed Broadband speeds for the Philippines

Overall, speeds have increased ever so slightly; just a hair. Our country is still ranked at #87 for fixed broadband, while our mobile rank has risen one spot to #93.


Global average download and upload speeds for mobile are 22.16Mbps and 9.01Mbps, respectively. For fixed broadband, the global averages for download and upload are 42.71Mbps and 20.39, respectively.

Again, the delta is very, very small for both Philippine and Global values. We are still way below the global average for both mobile and fixed broadband.

Source: Speedtest

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