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Opensignal: PH ranks 2nd in 5G Download Speeds Improvement vs 4G

Opensignal has recently revealed its global 5G data from real mobile users to identify the leading countries and quantify their 5G mobile experience. The Philippines has shown improvements in the 5G vs. 4G Download Speed Improvement and Video Experience.

The emerging markets view some of the greatest jumps in mobile experience with 5G. In Thailand, mobile users notice a 5G download speed of 13.4 times faster than the 4G download speed. The Philippines ranks second, which is 10.1 times faster, while Saudi Arabia places third. Thailand’s 5G download speed is at 162.3Mbps, while the Philippines is at 117.2Mbps.


Moreover, for the 5G vs. 4G Video Experience, the top two places have been reversed. Philippines marks a 5G Video Experience that’s 40% higher than its 4G Video Experience. Thailand places second, which is 29% better, and Hong Kong goes third with an enhancement of 14%. In eight of the top ten countries for the uplift in 5G Video Experience over 4G, the increase for 5G over 4G was over 10%.

Most countries have embraced the first version of the 5G standard through a single wireless 5G frequency band. However, Opensignal recognizes that some operators started to move ahead by offering 5G on multiple spectrum bands or use mmWave technologies to deliver breakneck speeds. On the other hand, in other countries, specifically in the Americas and parts of South-East Asia, operators have initially been constrained by the limited availability of the 5G-suitable spectrum.

Overall, South Korea grabs the top spot with the fastest 5G download speed in the world with 354.4Mbps. Meanwhile, there’s no word yet about the overall ranking of the Philippines.

Source: Opensignal

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