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OPPO Find X7 Series is industry’s first to support 5.5G network

Chinese telecommunications company China Mobile officially commercializes its next generation mobile network: 5G-Advanced a.k.a. 5.5G or 5G-A. In line with this, the OPPO Find X7 Series will be industry’s first mobile phones to support 5.5G.

Oppo Find X7 Ultra Fi

Despite varying chipsets, Oppo’s post via Weibo suggests that both the vanilla Find X7 and Find X7 Ultra will get 5.5G support. Oppo’s Chief Product Officer even posted an image showing the “5GA” status in the notification bar.

Pete Lau Teaser Photo 5ga

Image/ Pete Lau (via X)

5.5G promises a significant leap over 5G, offering speeds up to 10 times faster. This translates to peak downlink rates of 10Gbps and uplink rates of 1Gbps.

Beyond speed, 5.5G aims to improve connection scale, enabling a low-cost network for a vast number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Furthermore, it integrates air and space networks, bringing broader coverage.

While compatible devices are still limited, their availability is expected to increase rapidly. For instance, China Mobile plans to bring 5.5G support to over 20 smartphones within a year.

Rollout of the new network is set to over 300 cities by the end of 2024, with major metropolitan areas receiving priority.

To experience the 5.5G network, China Mobile has established demonstration halls across the country for users with the OPPO Find X7 Series phones.

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