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Original copy of NTC’s Report on Globe vs. Smart

We were able to obtain a scanned copy of the original press release of the NTC regarding the results of their recent study. The testing was done during the 2nd quarter of 2012.


We originally posted the press release sent by Globe regarding this study by the NTC (see story here).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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27 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Abe, so what is your take in this NTC Report compared to Globe’s press release? Thanks.

  2. Vern says:

    Of all the 5 tests that NTC has conducted, only 1 test shows that Globe has an edge over Smart and that is the Grade of Service. That doesn’t mean that Globe is better than Smart if that would be their basis.

    • Mark says:

      If you take a look at the other 4 areas. Smart and Globe are at parity. Smart only won by a few decimal places. What’s more important is the grade of service.

    • angry_bird says:

      Hi Mark,

      How about the average receive signal level? Smart is around -62 while Globe is almost -70! This only means that Smart’s signal is 5 times stronger than GLobe’s so do you mean GOS is better than signal strength? What is the use of GOS if you have poor signal?

      Also NTC only conducted the test in NCR, they need to conduct the test nationwide so that we could really know the overall performance of both telco.

      Its bullshit to conclude that Smart is better or Globe is better if the test is only conducted in one region.

    • den says:

      eh ano naman ang use ng Signal Strength kung puro blocked calls naman. Di ba mas nakakahiya yun sa subscriber part? Plus the fact the modernized na almost modernized na ang network ng Smart compared sa Globe na next year pa matatapos. I think given the situation Globe is still better overall.

    • angry_bird says:

      pre sa NCR pa lang nagtest si NTC hintayin natin yung nationwide statistics para magkaalaman. Hindi porket naisahan ni Globe si SMART sa drop calls sa NCR ay dapat i conclude na na Globe is better.

      Also nung time na nagtest si NTC (Q2 of 2012) visayas at mindanao pa lang na-modernize ni SMART

    • den says:

      ok bro. pero I still think Globe is still better (Ok NCR only) either upgraded or old Smart network pa kasi kung titingnan mo ang service overall, lahat ng criteria almost passed si Globe. For me, the Blocked calls will really hurt Smart. Bale wala yung signal, call set-up, quality kung more often naman umpisa palang di ka na makaconnect. Actually ermats ko mas hirap tumawag sa Smart kesa sa Globe nya lately kahit matagal sa globe at least nakakatawag.

  3. Marc says:

    Smart is saying that their better on almost all aspect. Wait for globe since they are improving on their infrastructure nationwide.

    … Globe’s counterattack:

    “Told you it’s worth the wait”

  4. EARTH says:

    Yun naman pala eh.
    Lagi na lang bang waiting?
    This is fast phasing life!
    Live Fast.. Live More!
    Di pwedeng wait ng wait!
    Time to change!

    • EARTH says:

      erratum: hehe!
      Yun naman pala eh.
      Lagi na lang bang waiting?
      This is fast pacing life!
      Live Fast.. Live More!
      Di pwedeng wait ng wait!
      Time to change!

    • Ramon Batista says:

      wehhh.yung network mo ginisa sa sariling mantika.pasado ang GLOBE sa minimum standard ng Dropped calls.halos parehas lang ng percentage ng SMART.Ehh kung makagawa ng commercial parang sobrang maganda ang SMART ehh.halos pantay lang ang laban sa lahat ng aspect.may bigger network at widest coverage pa kayo ipinagmamayabang.
      its not time to change.wala kwenta

  5. janine says:

    this is just 1 portion of the test results,the 1 where Globe had an edge over Smart. here’s the full result:

  6. juan dela cruz says:

    Wow for once we heard from NTC

    Nice work NTC for monitoring these telcos, we should have reduced rate now for our calls and text due to poor results of the telcos while we pay full price that is based 10++ years ago

  7. Ramon says:

    From what I understand, the NTC conducted this study to monitor the level of service provided by both telcos

    so why the hell does globe and the media used this study to promote either telcos? Globe says that they’re better because they’ve beaten smart 1 out of 5 tests… And they even exaggerated it further Lol
    the media states that smart is better but the fact is that Smart has already upgraded their network but their services are still lacking…

    rather manipulating the data for publicity, they should use this study and improve on areas that matter, their actual services that they provide >_>

  8. IANVARIVS says:


    On both Networks, may pending Technical Support Tickets kami, regarding 3G connection.

    Sa Globe, FULL BAR ka nga ng 3G, pero mas masahol pa sa Dial up ang connection.

    Sa Smart naman, simula noong humagupit ang habagat, humagupit rin ang Intermittent 3G Signal.

    Pareho silang mabagal sumagot, pareho silang sinisisi ang aming mga telepono/3g sticks pero bakit pag SUN ang isinasaksak ko at lumalabas ako ng bahay, NORMAL ang speed. (Accepted ko na walang signal ang SUN sa amin, kasi saksakan talaga ng layo samin ng cellsite ng SUN).

    Sinubukan ko na ang lahat ng maaaring ipagawa sakin, kahit lumabas na ako ng bahay.

    Sa Globe naman, ang sabi, 3.1 kilometers daw ang layo ko sa cellsite nila, gayong KITANG KITA ko naman, around 700 meters ang layo sa bahay namin ang TOWER ng GLOBE.

  9. neil says:

    if globe were a student,
    he would take up BS major BS…
    just TALK…
    all BULL S#!+ !!!

  10. John says:

    you know who’s more a looser in this debate? the consumer.

    Limited choice or no choice at all for better quality service.

  11. MVPi says:

    Halos pantay lang yung mga results. di natin masasabi na UNRIVALED si PLDT at its time to change.Kasi pasado naman si GLOBE sa minimum dropped calls.kahit ano kasi gagawin ni SMART para maging negative yung image ng competitor nila.


  12. Chris says:

    paano kaya kung may pumasok na foreign telco dito para bumilis narin internet… makapag average lang sana kahit 6mbps ok na.

  13. IKR says:

    These results aren’t even satisfying, tsk, tsk, I want to rip my phone bills right now!

  14. Student Observer says:

    Sa tingin ko hindi naman intensyon ng Globe (via their press release) na i-misinterpret ang results ng test na ginawa ng NTC. I think what they meant was that, their “Legacy Network” (READ: Old network equipments) is performing “in parity” with Smart’s widely publicized “Upgraded” (READ: Modernized) network.

    In short, Globe must have been so proud to learn that their legacy network performed “in parity” and even managed to outperform Smart’s upgraded network in 1 of the 5 test metrics conducted by the NTC.

    At least yun yong naiintindihan ko after kong mabasa ang press release ng Globe at naiintindihan ko kung bakit proud na proud sila don.

    Pero para sa akin, mas okay pa rin pag ginawa nilang nationwide ang tests. At saka, mas okay din sana na sinali nila yung Sun Cellular dyan kasi hindi naman sa lahat ng cell sites ng Smart may access ang Sun Cellular sims. I can say that with confidence kasi I am from Cebu City and found out that Sun Cellular still uses its own cell sites here rather than using Smart’s cell sites. Di ko lang alam kung dyan sa Manila, ginagamit ng Sun Cell yung sites ng Smart.

    • den says:

      I agree 101% Plus nakakahiya yung Smart sa mga commercials nila sa kanila din bumalik. But lets also wait if Globe’s upgrade will really make a difference.

  15. gng says:

    i guess we’ll see in the next months how these results and future results will eventually affect the consumer.

  16. brownboi says:

    i was a SMART user for 4 years but just lately i switched to Globe because SMART really sucks! Load-eater + unnecessary charges! Aside from the unstable signal strength, i never experienced any other problem. i’m patient enough though to wait for Globe’s complete modernization.

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