The Empire Strikes Back: NTC says Globe > Smart

Sometimes, press releases are hard to decipher. Oftentimes, we just summarize it for you. This time, we think we’ll just share the whole thing about NTC’s recent benchmarks between Globe and Smart.

So here you go — NTC study says that Globe’s legacy network is twice as better as Smart’s.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

We wanted to see the actual research itself but this is all we got. Globe is holding a press briefing tomorrow to talk more about this development.

Update: We’re trying to get a copy of the original report by NTC so we can digest it for you better.

Updated: We got the original copy of NTC’s Press Release here.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

68 Responses

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  3. Avatar for Hey Hey says:

    Well, totoo naman na 2x better ok si Globe. Remember, Di pa sila nakakapag upgrade. Then look at the results, halos magkalapit lang sila ng results, dapat super lamang si Smart kasi nakapag upgrade na sila, Samantalang yung Legacy Network ng Globe naka lamang pa sa isang test. I’m sure, kapag tapos na si Globe sa Upgrade nyan, wala na yang smart. :)

  4. Avatar for Jojo Jojo says:

    In normal circumstances, this kind of competition would definitely benefit subscribers as the telcos would continuously try to improve their networks. Unfortunately what the report and what the press releases are showing is which of the two provides crap and which is crappier. Regardless what report comes out, or what body gives the test, I do hope the telcos do improve their service and let the subscribers be the one to experience the improvements and speak out.

    Both networks are having a hard time coping up with the requirements and services packaged with the newer smartphones. I was part of the first batch public rollout of Globe for Iphone4s and I was very happy with the service then. But now that both telcos have flooded the public with Iphone, S3 and the like, there are times I would just like to throw my phone in frustration of just making a call. I hope the telcos realize that they do not sell the phone but the service.

  5. Avatar for Ramon Batista Ramon Batista says:




  6. Avatar for tordj tordj says:

    The title of this blog is misleading. It actually means that yugatech says that, globe is greater than smart according to NTC.

  7. Avatar for Eizan Eizan says:

    Talk about selective data presentation! Walang wala ang Globe! Smart > Globe pa rin!

    • Avatar for Ramon Ramon says:

      “This is vital because we realize that, in the end, it is the satisfaction and judgment of our customers that really matter.”
      -Smart’s press release

      I have to admit, right now, Smart really is the better of the 2 telcos, globe is trying take advantage of the study by lying about the facts

      I wonder if Smart would be stupid enough to do the same if they were in Globe’s position?

  8. Avatar for rein rein says:

    ang sinasabi ni globe almost at par ang LEGACY/LUMANG system nila kaysa sa UPGRADED/BAGONG system ni smart na pinag mamayabang sa mga commercials nito.

    imagine nyo nalang yung ginagawang bagong system ni globe pag gumana na.

    Smart is better than Globe now.
    Globe will be better than Smart next year.
    Sun subscriber parin ako mura eh.

    • Avatar for angry_bird angry_bird says:

      naku ineng nagoyo ka naman ni Globe sa sinasabi ng bibig nila.

      50% tapos na ang modernization ni globe at gumagana na yung 50% na yun, hindi totoong pure legacy network pa rin nila ang pinapagana nila ngayon. Parang sinabi ni globe na 100% dapat matapos modernization bago nila paganahin ang new network nila which is hindi totoo.

      At saang lugar ba nagtest si NTC? malamang namodernized na ni Globe ang area na yun.

      Dapat din na nationwide ang test na ginawa ng NTC, mahirap yung specific area lang nila ginawa, AFAIK sa QC pa nila ginawa eh balwarte ng globe ang area

  9. Avatar for rein rein says:

    [email protected]

  10. Avatar for chinitoguy chinitoguy says:

    Mr. Olandres posted another blog containing the original copy of the NTC report. Smart is really better than Globe. What is Globe trying to achieve on this press statement?

  11. Avatar for r3JAM r3JAM says:

    I am a Globe subscriber but I find Smart’s infrastructure more mature and reliable translating to better quality when it comes to connectivity.
    On the other hand, I find Globe’s marketing (promos, offers, etc) better and more flexible comparing to Smart which could be a deciding factor for consumers.

  12. Avatar for zer0ice zer0ice says:

    So apparently, according to NTC, SMART > Globe, and not what Globe is saying on it’s press conference.

    Also, for Globe to say that it’s “2X better”??? How did they measure that?

    Also, where did Globe get their data? I wonder…

  13. Avatar for coachjojoc coachjojoc says:

    Globe? Better? Surely you jest.

  14. Avatar for Marco Marco says:

    and this article says that Smart is better than Globe

  15. Avatar for stephen stephen says:

    Kaya lang nasa Globe pa din ako kasi mga kamag-anak at kaibigan ko, Globe.

    Pero totoo yung dropped calls, delayed texts at fluctuating signal. Nakakainis. Sobrang gusto ko nang lumipat sa SMART since July, di ko lang talaga magawa at puro Globe subscribers kakilala ko.

    Hintayin ko nalang na sabihin ng Globe na tapos na yung network modernization nila. Sa ngayon, tiis-tiis na lang.

  16. Avatar for dyon dyon says:

    and smart says they are better:

  17. Avatar for Mumu Mumu says:

    Panay kayo reklamo! Mag landline nalang kayo! At mag wired net! Ano ba pagkakaintindi nyo sa building a new network at sa upgrading a network?! Parang house renovation at building a new house! Sus!

  18. Avatar for Adrian Adrian says:

    globe ako! wala kasi kameng binabayaran sa net eh haha 8mbps pa free! daling hackin ng system nila

    • Avatar for unggoy unggoy says:

      U10l. ipagmalaki ba ang pag nanakaw. haha. kahit anong bilis ng internet mo kung nakaw, wala din.

    • Avatar for troydeleon troydeleon says:

      proud pa siya

    • Avatar for pulis pulis says:

      ug0k. hindi dahil nakakanakaw ka na e mas matalino at mas mautak ka na sa ibang tao.. mas MASAMA ka lang, at hindi ka dpat maging proud. may karma yan.

    • Avatar for adrian adrian says:

      hindi ako proud, kayo b naman mag digitel smart bro, globe 1500 monthly tapos 10-100kbps lang nakukuha? mdaling araw lang bibilis.. Fair ba yun? Sinong di maiinis? It’s unfair,, mahal mahal nila maningil tapos ganun edi gumawa ng paraan yung kakilala ko n tga globe at shinare nya sken ^^

    • Avatar for adrian adrian says:

      wag na kayo bitter. kung gusto nyo tuturuan ko na lang kayo haha,. Sorry to globe pero tagal namin ng suffer sa mabagal na net at pangangain nila ng load ngayon lang ako nakabawi. Makikishare lang ako sa bilyones na kinita nila sa palpak nilang serbisyo ^^^

    • Avatar for Ramon Ramon says:

      Please don’t try to justify your actionS

      Nagnanakaw ka pa rin sa ginagawa mo, sa bandang huli… wala kang pinagkaiba sa sinasabi mong company na nagnanakaw sayo

    • Avatar for MattR MattR says:

      ang kapal ng mukha mo. bitter pa sila samantalang sinasabi lang naman nila na mali ginagawa mo. sana lang may HIYA ka, kaso wala.

      kaya hindi umaasenso ang ilang Pilipino dahil sa mga taong katulad mo.

      ikaw ang pabigat sa bayan. sana lang talaga tamaan ka ng hiya. SANA.

    • Avatar for Bitter Bitter says:

      Dude, hindi naiitutuwid ng isang mali ang isang mali. Kapag laging ganyan wala talaga mangyayari sa pilipinas.

  19. Avatar for Darwin Darwin says:

    No Yuga, the NTC study doesn’t say that “Globe’s legacy network is twice as better as Smart’s.”

    From the press release, here are the test results:

    1. Call Setup Failure Rate (CSFR)/Grade of Service: Globe – 4.45%, Smart – 9.95%. This means that for Globe, calls connect at 95.55% success rate on first try; for Smart, the success rate is 90.05%. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that Globe’s network is 2x better than Smart’s.
    WINNER: Globe

    2. Drop Call Rate (lower is better): NTC standard – 2%, Globe – 1.6%, Smart 1.5%
    WINNER: Smart

    3. Call Setup Time (lower is better): NTC standard – 14 seconds, Globe – 11.9 seconds, Smart – 11.74 seconds
    WINNER: Smart

    4. Average Signal Quality (closer to 0 is better): Globe and Smart – 0.5

    5. Average Receive Signal Level: both FAIL

    From these, one can easily see that Globe’s network isn’t 2x better than Smart’s. One can argue that Smart’s network is marginally better than Globe’s, but the difference isn’t really human-perceivable.

    Disclosure: I’m a Globe subscriber

    • Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

      Hi Darwin. I was quoting the title of the press release.

    • Avatar for Ramon Ramon says:

      Thanks for digesting the document for us Darwin, but yea, yuga was referring to the overall statement of the document claiming that globe is better…but this document was an analysis from globe…

      This actually worsens globe’s reputation for me. Trying to manipulate facts to deceive the public? They’re becoming so desperate…

      Don’t get me wrong here, I believe smart would do the exact same thing if they were in the same position >_>

      we need to want until Yuga gets a hold of the original study from NTC before we can get the facts straight

    • Avatar for kly91 kly91 says:

      I am a globe user too but i would like to quote this article to point out something on the AVE. RECEIVE SIGNAL LEVEL:

      “Globe’s press statement also contains a substantive misinterpretation of the test results in one of the key parameters – the Average Receive Signal Level. Globe said in its statement that: “The final metric is the Average Receive Signal Level with a minimum acceptable range of -85 dBm. Both telcos did not make it to the standard.”

      The truth, however, is quite different: Both carriers actually passed the standard. Globe registered a score of -69.83 dBm. But Smart delivered lopsidedly better results: -62.63 dBm. In this parameter, the lower the negative number is, the better the signal. Translated into layman’s terms, what this result means is that Smart’s signal level is up to five times stronger than Globe’s. In terms of customer experience, a stronger signal level means better indoor coverage, resulting in better voice quality, less drop calls, faster and more reliable SMS and higher data speeds.”

  20. Avatar for Gerard Gerard says:

    So it comes into question, why are these test results made available to the telcos?

    It should be sufficient for NTC to provide one company with its own test results to see how it fares with the NTC standards. And even if there is a legitimate agreement to provide all telcos with test results for all applicants, there should probably be some form of non-disclosure clause for the data.

    This just leaves so much doubt in the NTC’s integrity.

  21. Avatar for location based location based says:

    my opinion, from a layman’s point of view: coverage, quality and speed is purely based on location and capability (2G, 3G, 4G, 4.5G and so on and so forth) of the cell site in that area where the subscriber is located.

    So kung gusto nila manalo sa contest, lagyan nila ng cellsite in all 4 corners of each barangay at dalawa pa sa gitna para super coverage plus 1000% capacity of allowance of service from the actual number of subscriber hehehe joke lang at suntok lang sa buwan na sana may matinong public utility naman sana sa pinas

  22. Avatar for glober glober says:

    hell yeah. you are correct. choosy ang 3g signal ni globe. tapos walang repeaters sa mga building kesa smart. buti nalang at malakas 3g ko sa house ko both somewhere in makati and rizal pero pag nasa bandang Metrowalk nako haay parusa big time. di ako makalipat sa smart kasi 95% of my contacts are globe user so syempre ganon ka na rin. wish ko lang worth it yung upgrades nila na dapat maranasan na natin ASAP…

  23. Avatar for neil neil says:

    i was a globe subscriber 2 years ago…
    regretted my subscription…
    they gave excellent service…
    for the first 4 months…
    then it went downhill from there…
    slow net…
    intermittent signal loss…
    expensive hidden charges on monthly bill…
    i am on smart now…
    never had a problem that drained the patience out of me…

  24. Avatar for Ramon Ramon says:

    Personally, I think the NTC should give the results for specific areas

    Not all areas have the same level of service and condition, these kinds of “studies” would only benefit the “better” party/company and NOT the consumers…

    List the areas and the level of service for those areas by each telcoms!! Dont go on saying one company is better than the other without sufficient information -_-

    • Avatar for glober glober says:

      good idea sir. kaso since NTC is a govt entity, for sure wala silang budget for that kaya hanggang ganitong press release nalang ng telco ang makikita natin. kung may nagawa man sila in case, di nila iri-reveal sa public kasi baka sabihin “daw” natin eh bias sila at may preferred telco sila…

  25. Avatar for Winston A. Winston A. says:

    Funny that Sir Abe did not do an independent blog post & reaction about this “press release” from Globe. Can I assume that even Sir Abe doesn’t believe this claim?

    Globe is really GREAT! Great in press releases. Way to go Ms. Yolly Crisanto. Another feather in your cap! #joke

    Go to Twitter now and search for #GlobeSucks, #GlobeSabaw & #IHateGlobe and you will clearly see who wins the benchmark test.

  26. Avatar for Jack Jack says:

    Whoa! Where was this tested? Inside ayala malls, globe’s sister company?

  27. Avatar for Edwaine Edwaine says:

    sa smart parin ako! hehehehe

  28. Avatar for Globe Edge Globe Edge says:

    based on my experience mas mabilis ang globe dito sa area ko compare sa smart. tried and tested ko na both network . globe edge lang ang katapat ng smart 3g!! hahaha. sa advertisement lang nanalo ang smart but in real world globe rocks!!! sakto at tumama talaga ang advertise nila with thier own network. it’s so not working #time to change and improve your own ahaha

  29. Avatar for Eizan Eizan says:

    Of course, it’s natural. Globe will have to flex its PR muscles in order to counter Smart’s. But the consumers know better. The consumers afterall experience what it is to experience intermittent dropped calls (I’m subscribed to Globe and Smart Postpaid). Press releases are pretty pero you can’t stop the consumers from making noise if alam nilang there’s something wrong with Globe.

  30. Avatar for everyone everyone says:

    fail. address for a Globe corporate group.

  31. Avatar for Monty Monty says:

    Maybe someone can develop an app that would put figures on each company’s performance. Then the app would then tally the numbers, broken down by time and area. Then we could really see who’s better.

    • Avatar for DaOtherEye DaOtherEye says:

      Check out RootMetrics’ CoverageMap App available for both iOS and Android phones:

      Shows both Globe and Smart test results on a map.

  32. Avatar for someone someone says:

    Maybe the reason why Globe performed better in their test is because Globe has fewer subscribers than Smart.

  33. Avatar for Jayvee Jayvee says:

    Biased. It’s a press release after all. Smart has never failed me since day one.

  34. Avatar for earth earth says:

    weh!di nga! mabilis na si globe ngayon kasi iilan na lang ang subscribers. hehe. baka nga NTC lang. hahaha!

  35. Avatar for DaOtherEye DaOtherEye says:

    The research was done during the second quarter of this year, as I have read. If you look at the whole report from interaksyon, it spins a different story. Just wondering why Globe was the first to get hold of the results and publicize it. Can we have the full copy of the methodology and result of the tests on the NTC website?

    790 Million US Dollars for modernization… EDGE only signal in my area here in Quezon City… and voice call quality is not really good here. That’s why I’m doubtful.

  36. Avatar for dyon dyon says:

    parang press release nga ito. duh. eh sa customer service and relations, kumusta ang globe?

  37. Avatar for Jessy Jessy says:

    I think its only in the Metro. But here in the province, Globe really sucks. The connection type in some areas are still GPRS!! Unlike Smart even the “pinakasulok-sulokan” of the province has Edge or 3G signal!!
    But the thing is when it comes to consistency globe really wins!not to mention their poor call qualities. But if we talk about Speed. Globe will really eat dust! #GlobeSabaw #SmartBobo

  38. Avatar for topgun topgun says:

    taga province ako at based on my observation mas maganda ang service nang globe dito. Better signal coverage..and internet speed is way better than smart..most especially sa Edge connection..

    • Avatar for DaOtherEye DaOtherEye says:

      Went to Boracay two weeks ago. Based on my experience, Globe completely loses its signal when I go inside my hotel room while Smart still has a working 2-3 3G signal bar. Smart’s 3G was consistent while Globe keeps on reverting back to EDGE when I was outside.

  39. Avatar for Jira Jira says:

    Hindi kasi mailabas ang LTE nila ng maayos… naunahan ng smart tapos umbrella support pa almost covered lahat ng Frequency kaya damage control sila.. instead of facing the issues head-on, press release na lang…

    • Avatar for Ace Ace says:

      And look…Technoodling challenged BOTH telcos for LTE.
      Guess who’s NOT ready:

      May presyo na pero wala pang produkto???

  40. Avatar for Bryan Bryan says:

    Wooohhh. Mabilis pa maluto adobo kesa sa internet nyo no. lolz

    • Avatar for co0ljade co0ljade says:

      talaga? tingnan mo itong screenshot ng speedtest ng Globe broadband na gamit ko. yung plan ng Globe na gamit ko ay up to 2MBPS. pero tingnan mo ang result sobrang bilis 1.92 Mbps … baka naman Sun broadband yung gamit mo ngayun at di mo lang na try ang Globe o baka nagnanakaw ka lang ng WIFI sa kapitbahay mo kaya sobrang slow ng internet mo… LOL

  41. Avatar for Kikokix Kikokix says:

    In my area, globe has a better connection and speed, but there are times in the day when you cannot connect. Their support rep always say that they are still in the process of upgrading and enhancing their equipment…. HELLO they’ve been saying that since April!

  42. Avatar for fixit fixit says:

    It’s “twice as good,” and not “better”.

  43. Avatar for huh huh says:

    Yeah right, delayed and even text that you can’t receive deserves a “Greater than”!

    In fact Globe has fewer subscribers than Smart but still…

    Way to go NTC, a good review indeed… hehe

  44. Avatar for Jinggoy Jinggoy says:

    WTF.. wala nga palaging signal tapos better ??? cge Globe atupagin nyo press release imbes na pagpapaganda ng network… Iphone ko laging mabilis maubusan ng battery kasi laging nag hahanap ng network and to think nasa makati office namin… sa labas ng office meron sa loob wala na…

    Also to tell you, most of my officemates are moving to Smart.. I will join them after mag expire contract ko sa inyo…

    • Avatar for Bisugo Bisugo says:

      Unless maglagay ng nano-BTS or repeater sa loob ng building mawawala talaga signal ng kahit anong telco network sa loob ng building. Nasa discretion ng building admin nyo yun kung gusto nya maglagay ng nano-BTS o hindi.

  45. Avatar for Eason Eason says:

    Saan kaya nagtest NTC?

    Globe is really trashy in calls now >.<

    Plus they don't have coverage in TIMERLAND HEIGHTS! Unlike smart & sun is okay.

    I just hope another new telco will come soon to even out the competition…honestly I hate globe for not making their bill cap A DEFAULT, where you have to subscribe to Powersurf first vs Smart and Sun its automatic already

  46. Avatar for jay jay says:

    interesting. when exactly was this research done and why didn’t it come from NTC itself?

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