Philippines ranks 48th in Surfshark 2021 Digital Quality of Life Index

Philippines 48th in Surfshark 2021 Digital Quality of Life Index

The Philippines ranked 48th out of 110 participating countries in the third annual Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index conducted by virtual private network (VPN) service provider Surfshark. Further, the country jumps 18 steps higher from being in 66th place last year.

The 2021 DQL is Surfshark’s global research on the quality of digital wellbeing in 110 countries (90% of the worldwide population). This study indexes the countries by looking at five fundamental pillars, which Surfshark identifies as what defines the digital quality of life.

The DQL Index covers five core pillars: internet quality, internet affordability, electronic security, electronic infrastructure, and electronic government.

Out of 110 countries, the Philippines ranked 20th in internet quality, 63rd in electronic infrastructure, 30th in electronic security, and 67th in electronic government. However, the country placed 72nd in terms of internet affordability, with the cheapest mobile internet affordability ranked 104th and the broadband internet affordability at 72nd.


It also ranked first in Broadband Internet Stability, Mobile Speed Growth, and Broadband Speed Growth in the DQL survey.

Moreover, the Philippines ranked 12th out of 32 Asian countries, ahead of Indonesia (72nd overall), Vietnam (73rd), Laos (102nd), and Cambodia (108th).

Overall, the top position was taken by Denmark, with South Korea, Finland, Israel, and the United States completing the top five spots.

You may check out the 2021 DQL Index here.

Source: Surfshark

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