PLDT outage trends on Twitter

PLDT Fiber outage trends on Twitter

Some readers have pointed out that PLDT is trending on Twitter, so we decided to check and find out what happened.

A quick check on Twitter trends shows PLDT as one of the trending topics with 7,390 tweets, as of writing, with more coming in. Most of the tweets were about connection problems with their Fiber internet.

We checked and we can see a spike of reported outages on November 8 at 11:49 PM, peaking at 1,391 reports in the last 24 hours. The graph is in red which means there is strong evidence for a sufficient duration that that company is experiencing an incident.


Looking at the heatmap, it seems like the issue is felt in different cities across the country.

Other fiber internet providers, namely Globe, SKY, and Converge, also have reported downtimes but not in the same volume, with graphs still in blue, which means there is no evidence or weak evidence that the company is experiencing an incident

We’ve already reached out to PLDT if there’s an explanation for the outage. We’ll update this post once we have received it.

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  1. mansour says:

    I was online upto 2am yesterday on pldt, everything was fine, so my guess is that this is not really an outage but more like a routing issue that probably made some endpoints either have no internet or usually limited access, some website just dont open while others do.

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