PLDT launches SuperSpeed internet upgrade for Home Fibr subscribers

PLDT has recently launched an internet speed upgrade for its Home Fibr subscribers.

Dubbed as SuperSpeed, the upgrade allows existing PLDT Home Fibr subscribers, who have been subscribed to a PLDT service for at least 6 months and with a plan speed of 25 Mbps and up, to boost their internet speeds as low as PHP 99 per month on top of their existing plans.

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The SuperSpeed internet upgrade has no effect on plan lock-in during the promo period and is cancellable anytime.

Here is the complete list of available upgrades for qualified PLDT Home Fibr plans:
•  PHP 99 up to 50 Mbps – for Plan 1699, Plan 1899
•  PHP 149 up to 100 Mbps – for Plan 2099, Plan 2299, Plan 2399
PHP 199 up to 150 Mbps – for Plan 2899, Plan 3099, Plan 3299
PHP 299 up to 300 Mbps  – for Plan 4099, Plan 4299

Customers may dial 170 for PLDT, Smart & Sun, or (02) 80000170 for other networks to register for the promo. They may also apply through the PLDT SuperSpeed website. Valid until January 31, 2021, PLDT says that customers will be upgraded and required to pay the regular plan should they opt to maintain their subscription after the promo’s validity. This means that they need to pay the regular rate of the upgraded plan on the next billing cycle by February 1, 2021. To revert to their original plan, subscribers may cancel their subscription to the promo on or before January 31, 2020.

All indicated internet speeds are subject to 30% minimum speed at 80% service reliability.

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8 Responses

  1. junry tagab says:

    bakit po ganun ung mbps ko 100 bumaba na ung price pero ang taas ng binabayaran ko pwede bang mag pa updgrade ng 300mbps

  2. palpak says:

    Marketing Strategy by PLDT to renew your contract so you won’t able to move to DITO.

    • AnnK says:

      Yes, this is a Marketing Strategy, example: if your previous plan was 1699 at 25mbps, then requested for an upgrade to 50mbps for 2099pesos ( 400pesos increase) then after experiencing an upgrade but still same experience with previous plan (1699pesos) at 25mbps you once you request for an upgrade but still experiencing same service form your previous plan , and you are still in your lock in contract, you will not be ale to request to return to your existing plan without paying 3 months of your original plan, then a downgrade fee of 500pesos, so your only option was to continue with the 50mbps for 2099pesos ( 400pesos increase). Boom na scam ka ni PLDT.

  3. Jcc says:

    Same shitty service. Enough of that. What can you make use of that speed if you always have an intermittent connection, or you have to wait for months before your connection is repaired or for your internet to be installed. Bye PLDT!

  4. GOUy2022 says:

    Nakakatawa naman iyan 99 Pesos on top. Parang dami pera ng mga tao ngayong panahon COVID tapos lagi naman pangit customer service at internet speed.

  5. pakpek says:

    @imefco you do realize that DITO will provide mobile plans and not fiber plans right? JFC I just don’t how dumb filipinos can get who couldn’t even tell the difference between a mobile internet and a fiber/dsl one.

  6. Please restore your PLDT FIBER internet signal in our area at brgy Toketec, Tayug, Pangasinan before we make a transaction with your superspeed offer. Pldt internet signal is unavailable until now….please repair.

  7. imefco says:

    Pldt worries unsubscribed or declines for Dito’s next year!
    “There will be no changes in your service contract until January 31, 2021. However, if you wish to continue enjoying the upgraded speed, your monthly service fee will change to the regular plan rate and service contract will refresh starting February 1, 2021.’

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