PLDT outs new Fibr Plus plans, adjusts UNLIFIBR internet plans

PLDT outs new Fibr Plus plans, adjusts UNLIFIBR internet plans

PLDT is offering a new Fibr Plus service, reaching speeds up to 300 Mbps.

PLDT’s Fibr Plus service comes with 3 TP-Link WiFi Mesh systems and Live TV from Cignal, including 55 SD and 8 HD channels. Check out the plans below:

  • Fibr Plus 2499 – up to 50 Mbps
  • Fibr Plus 3099 – up to 100 Mbps
  • Fibr Plus 4099 – up to 150 Mbps
  • Fibr Plus 6099 – up to 300 Mbps

The included TP-Link WiFi Mesh devices not only reduce WiFi dead spots, but also feature remote WiFi monitoring via mobile app, Guest WiFi set up, and several Parental Controls.


Users can choose which channels they can view, with a wide variety from Movie channels, Pinoy, Sports, Kids, International News, Educational, Lifestyle, Music, and more. You can check out the full list of supported Cignal channels here.

PLDT has also adjusted several of its UNLIFIBR plans. Check out the changes below:

The UNLIFIBR Plan 1699 has been upgraded to reach speeds up to 25 Mbps, from 20 Mbps.

The UNLIFIBR Plan 1899, which offers users up to 30 Mbps speeds, has been replaced by a new UNLIFIBR Plan 2399 with speeds up to 50 Mbps.

The UNLIFIBR Plan 2899 has been replaced by the UNLIFIBR Plan 2999, which offers the same speed of up to 100 Mbps.

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24 Responses

  1. Vivian says:

    Ang tagal na naming nag request ng upgrade ng pldt dsl namin pero up to now wala man lang report or tawag from pldt, malapit na ang online class, nag plan na kaming mag palit ng internet provider

  2. How we can apply new one and how fast they can install.

  3. K L says:

    Pldt support bulok

  4. Camille says:

    How about my modem that I bought the PLDT HOME SMART LTE it’s always disconnecting, it’s useless because I work from home, hope you can fix the issues

  5. A. Rodrique says:

    What a scam! Charging higher prices for a product that never works properly no matter what package plan it is!

  6. Mark Tupas says:

    Its good abt the upgrades BUT ITS been more than a months since i was approved with pldt plan 1699 last june 20 and since then no installation yet..

  7. Rosal Custodio says:

    Ngpaupgrade kmi ng internet connection last July 24 ngpnta kmi sa PLDT cainta branch nakausap ko yng frontliner Sabi madali lng pero hanggang ngayon wala pa rn tapos sisingilin kmi ng 1699 ng wala pang nangyayari. VERY POOR SERVICE!!!!

  8. Johan L Tessens says:

    So they increased the price by 500 php for 20mbps more… Nice going! Can’t wait for a foreign operator!

  9. hi po dto po ako sa Payatas QC gusto ko po magpakabit ng intenet

  10. Leah says:

    mabilis daw nawalan kaming line and internet,,pahirapan pa mcontact hotline nyo… please pa action naman…

  11. Concerned says:

    Why are they charging more for their upgrade? It is supposed to be an upgrade of their system not upgrade for our own payment

  12. jp says:

    wow nag taas pa talaga sila ng price. grabe talaga

  13. Analyn says:

    Paasa kayo PLDT ang tagal ko ng nag apply ng internet connection June 17 pa,pero hanggang ngayon pala parin installation na nagaganap!

  14. Analyn says:

    Paasa kayo PLDT ang tagal ko ng nag apply ng internet connection June 17 pa,pero hanggang ngayon wala parin installation na nagaganap!

  15. Too Much Sauce says:

    Too expensive! I pay Php 3,500 for the 200 MBPS plan of Globe and I can upgrade to 500 MBPS for Php 5.000

  16. Raul Esdrilon says:

    Akala ko ba upgrade ng system. Pati price upgrade din pala. Baka gusto bumawi ng PLDT kasi malapit na sila mawala sa lipunan. Nag-iipon ng puhunan.

  17. Nico says:

    We are paying 3k for plan 1699 and Cignal cable via fibr. Looks like this Fibr plus plan can save as 500 if we apply for Fibr Plan 2499.

  18. Je says:

    Ha 1899 na plan papaltan na ng 2399? Tapos mas mabilis. Malamang mas mahal bayad eh. Anong pagpapalit kaya yun. Speed upgrade gawin nyo.

  19. Michael says:

    Kala ko ba permanent na ung upgrade speed last year sabi ni PLDT? Like ung plan 2899 50mbps naging perma 100 mbps pero nag speedtest ako ngayon 50 mbps uli?

    ano na nangyari sa plan ko? 2899 parin o 2999? tapos ano SPEED?

    Anong KAGAGUHAN ito?

  20. Randy Porras Balili says:

    So yung mga nka Plan 1899 matik na na magiging 2399 ang bill? ano ba yan PLDT.. mag upgrade kayo ng speed, wag yung bayad.. JUSKO

  21. Arthur Weber says:

    They adjusted old plans to lower speeds and created new plans that are more expensive and with the same low bandwidth. Disugusted at how these Filipino companies screw their own kind. Leadership of Filipinos are shown by these companies as corrupt and incompetent. They boast in the U.N. and investment forums how innovative and good their people and leadership are yet their own country is a mess and they can only use blame game against other countries for the stupidity of their people. Until the infra, utilities and TELCOs are owned by the same group of Filipino leaders ruling the country for 30+ years, this country is foreign investment nightmare! invest in Indonesia or Vietnam and avoid this shithole of a country

  22. we need your fiber internet connection ASAP. Thanks

  23. Marky says:

    PLDT has a very poor after sales service. You seriously need to look into your customer service department.

  24. Patrik says:

    For those upgrading from DSL try applying a new line using a different account holder, months of upgrade-migration request no results from PLDT (Old line was under my aunts name). But when I applied under my name, 2 days may fiber agad kami, the excuse na there’s no port avail is a bluff.

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