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PLDT rolls out free speed upgrades for Home Fibr subscribers

PLDT has announced that they are currently rolling out free speed upgrades for Home Fibr subscribers.

The speed upgrades vary, depending on the consumer’s current plan. Subscribers who are under Plan 6299 get 300 Mbps (from 250 Mbps), while Plan 4299 subscribers will receive up to 150 Mbps (from 120 Mbps.) As for those under Plan 2899, they will receive up to 100 Mbps (from 50 Mbps). Subscribers of Plan 1899, Plan 1699, and Plan 1299 will experience up to 30 Mbps, 20 Mbps, and 10 Mbps, respectively.

To enjoy the free speed boosts, subscribers can visit PLDT Fibr’s Speedboost page and update their contact details.

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28 Responses

  1. PLDTSub says:

    It was only for a week. After that, it’s back to the old speed.

    #Paasa si #PLDT

  2. K L says:

    walang kwenta ang fiber kung dsl speed parin ang base plan… kaya kulelat sa world average ang Pilipinas

    • Anon says:

      The upload speed is equal to or higher than the download speed in fibr connections compared to DSL na around 1/5 or lower lang. Very important when you need to upload a lot for work.

    • PLDT Numbazero says:

      Overprice yan, tapos sinasadya nila magkasira para mas malaki kita -.-

  3. EJ says:

    Got the free permanent speed boost email 1st week of October but when I clicked on the link and entered our landline number. There’s no 6-digit code sent to the registered mobile number. Tried numerous times to resend the verification code but never received any. Raised this via Twitter and still no resolution from PLDT Care aside from the canned responses each time I make a follow-up.

    • Buboy says:

      try niyo po ulet today. kasi ganun din po sa akin. wala ako na receive na code kahapon. pero ngayong umaga may na receive ako na email tapos click lang ng link and nag work naman. ngayon doble na speed ng net namin from 5mbps to 10mbps.

    • Lea says:

      Same. But i tried today and it worked

  4. John Ralph says:

    Im a DSL subscriber, I also got the free boost and still having the boost.

  5. james says:

    What a joke. I get 25mbps upload AND download on Converge for a measly 1500 per month. No caps whatsoever.

  6. Brys says:

    Is this permanent?

  7. JonathanLara says:

    Tried to fill up the code but always invalid many times. But failed..

  8. Matthew says:

    How about plan 999? Will it get an upgrade?

  9. Tony Soriaga says:

    please help wala pa free speed boost

  10. rdatair says:

    NIlagay ko yung phone number namin pero di tinatanggap (plan 1899 20mbps). Any tips??

  11. Rnld says:

    Im unsure to try it, there might be a catch or a random increase in the billing.

  12. Larry Laffer says:

    It’s much readable if you present the plan and speed boost information in a table.

  13. robert c maniquiz says:

    The resource cannot be found na po sya

  14. Junpal says:

    Still on process 0842189587. FOR A MONTH NOW

    Grabeng PLDT

  15. Junpal says:

    Still on process 0842189587. FOR A MONTH NOW

    Grabeng PLDT

  16. Ralston says:

    Pagkatapos ko po lagay number namin

    “ We are continuously upgrading our
    facilities to give you faster speeds.
    Hang tight! PLDT Home Fibr will be there for you soon.

    Thank you for giving us the pleasure to serve you.”

    Ano po next step? Automatic po bang bibilis na net ko?

    • alvin says:

      check mo email mo may verification link sila after that you need to wait 24hrs kung mag improve ba yung speed

  17. anon says:

    I’m still getting the “Our system is under going upgrade at the moment. Please retry clicking the free speed increase link after few hours” I’ve been trying this for a week now every day i got the same message :(

  18. James says:

    ganito rin po ba sainyo pag tinype na ung landline number nyo?

    Our system is undergoing upgrade at the moment.
    Please retry clicking the free speed increase link after few hours.

    ilang araw na kasi ganito sakin di kami maka avail netong freeboost

  19. jayvhee says:

    PLDT have tricked us again. they never mentioned that if you avail of the upgrade, they will put you on NAT and with NAT, there are websites that you cannot access. Dyndns will not work too. And if you are using security cameras that was not purchased from pldt, and especially the old ones, you will be out of luck.

  20. Leticia P. Cavales says:


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