Power tips to maximize the HP Spectre x360

Power tips to maximize the HP Spectre x360

With technology developing rapidly, it’s no wonder that HP has also stepped up and evolved their laptops. Recently, HP launched the HP Spectre x360, a 2-in-1 convertible laptop. It features a sleek, premium design, and equipped with the most premium specifications. With all of the features integrated into the Spectre x360, there are some of them that you’ll end up overlooking. Here, we listed down a couple of power tips to maximize the HP Spectre x360.

Take it anywhere, anytime

With the HP Spectre x360’s thin and light convertible design, it’s easy to take it wherever, whenever. If ever your creativity sparks while you’re outside, you can settle down in a cafe with the Spectre x360. With its tablet mode, the Spectre makes it possible for you to write and draw naturally as if you’re doing the same on paper. Doodle your ideas, write down notes for your next novel, quickly edit photos, anything is possible.

Long-lasting battery life

With its battery life of about 22:30 hours, there’s no need to fret and worry about needing to recharge when you’re nowhere near a power outlet. You can take your work outside of the house, spend hours at the coffee shop, and you’ll still have power left to treat yourself to watch your favorites afterward.

Level-up your entertainment experience


With the integrated quad Bang and Olufsen speakers, you’ll absolutely feel the sound coming to life. Get your friends together for an afternoon of movies or binge-watching a tv series, or have some me-time by watching your own favorites or bring up funny clips; any form of entertainment you choose, you’ll feel the sound surrounding you.

Stay safe and secure

To keep you safe, the HP Spectre provides security like no other. Take advantage of the Sure View Privacy Screen when you’re outside, so you won’t have to worry about others overlooking your shoulder and seeing any sensitive information that you might be writing on the screen. A fingerprint sensor is also available for you to easily access your device should you need to take a quick look. The Spectre x360 also makes it possible for you to log in through Microsoft Windows Hello. Last but not the least, the Spectre also features a Privacy Camera Kill Switch; your camera is turned off once this is enabled, you won’t have to cover your laptop’s camera with a sticker.

Create to your heart’s content

The Spectre x360 is equipped with the top-of-the-line features; with 16GB of memory, up to 512GB of storage, and an optional 4K touchscreen, the possibilities are endless. You can design and draw to your heart’s content thanks to the 8.2 million pixels on its 4K micro-edge display. Running on the latest Intel processors, you can edit high-resolution videos, render 3D objects, and edit millions of photos. There’s nothing stopping you from making all the things that you want to.

Make sure to take advantage of all the Spectre x360’s incredible features, from it’s portability, almost endless battery life, to its premium performance. With the HP Spectre x360, anything is possible.

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1 Response

  1. Onur says:

    I had owned 3 different 2019 Hp Spectre x360. The first one was 4K and because of the poor battery life I had to return after using like couple of days.

    And I ordered the privacy screen option as a replacement unit. Then I realize how terrible the quality on the Privacy Screen. First of all the screen brightness comes extremely low comparing to non privacy versions. And color tempratures are terrible. White is totally yellow. But the worse thing is they integrated a 3M layer in between Gorilla Glass and LCD screen to create this one click Privacy Screen and when you turn the option on the color tempratures becomes more accurate and whiter but you now seeing bunch of X on the screen due to the feature of this hardware! Terrible!

    If you turn off the Privacy Screen, and open a solid colors now you will not see the colors crispy and clear. Why? Because of the layer that installed makes the LCD screen not to show the picture like its supposed to.

    Finally I got the WWAN + 1TB SSD with None Privacy (BrightView) version. The first one came little defective since my wife also got one. We put the screens side by side and hers was bright and nice while mine was dim and yellowish. We returned the one I had and got replacement Now it looks and works great.

    I also still have 2017 version HP Spectre and my honest opinion is that Screen on my 2017 Spectre is extremely bright, colors are extremely nicer and also if you look at the white pictures on the older version you will not notice any pixels with your eyes. Like crispy and clear.

    If you look at the 2019 version ones (up close) you will notice little tiny “X” behind!

    I looked at also the another brands to compare what is going on , And of course they all start using the same type of LCD screens. So it is not only a HP thing!

    I know they found out that when the blue light is too noticeable then it is not too good for your eyes to look at for a long time. And I think that’s also why they are producing more yellowish screen nowadays. But I still like the bright and more crispy screens. And if you are really bothered with that, just click the Night Light on your Windows. But do not produce Yellowish screens like that!

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