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Prime Air drone delivery by Amazon, now official


It looks like science fiction, but the delivery of goods via drone is now possible thanks to the new Prime Air drone delivery of Amazon.

Prime Air Drone Delivery Amazon

Image | Amazon

The challenge that Amazon tried to solve is how to deliver items to customers quickly, cost-effective, safely, and in less than an hour. Based on their post, it may be easy to use existing devices to fly items to customers but what’s daunting is creating a system for the whole air delivery in a large community.

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Realme Philippines

Amazon said that the service is made by a team of scientists, engineers, aerospace professionals, and futurists. The first area to experience the Prime Air deliveries in Lockeford, California. They’ve chosen Lockeford because of its ‘historic links’ to the aviation industry.’

Once the customers of Amazon in Lockeforr are fully onboarded, they’ll be able to see Prime Air-eligible items on the website. In terms of ordering, customers will do the usual placing of the order, receive the estimated time of arrival, and a tracker for the status of their order. When it comes to delivery, the drone will fly to a specific delivery location, like in a customer’s backyard, and drift to a safe height, release the package safely and then fly back to its origin.

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Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Prime Air delivery by Amazon.

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