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ROG Philippines launches ROG Elite Rewards Program

ASUS ROG Philippines has just announced that it’s officially launching the ROG Elite Rewards program.

ROG users can complete a number of tasks such to gain points that can be exchanged for ROG merchandise and prizes. Tasks include:

  • Using official ROG hashtags while posting ROG product and event-related content
  • subscribing to ROG Philippines social media sites
  • Reviewing ROG products

Prizes being offered range from limited-edition accessories like ROG keycaps, keychains, shirts to premium products such as the ROG Strix Fusion, and the ROG Phone.

The rewards program is also split into four tiers — Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, depending on the participation and points earned. The best ROG Elite Rewards participants may also get the chance to be chosen for the separate, invite-only Diamond tier where they can try out new products and attend special events.

For more information about the ROG Elite Rewards, click here.

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