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Samsung announces 360 round 3D camera

Aside from software announcements, Samsung also revealed a new product during their 2017 developer conference. and that product is a 360 camera with a whopping 17 lenses and a design that’s out of this world, literally. Enter Samsung 360 Round, the company’s newest camera geared towards 3D content specialists and enthusiasts who wish to produce virtual reality (VR) content.

The 360 round’s 17 lenses are composed of eight horizontally positioned stereo pairs and a single vertically positioned lens. The main purpose of the camera is to enable users to live stream 360-degree 3D videos at a max resolution of 4K with spatial audio, and also to create 3D images with depth. The camera has an IP65 rating making it pretty durable for outdoor use, not to mention its also water-resistant to some degree. The device has its own dedicated PC software to aid users in its operation. It also has a fanless design allowing Samsung to minimize the device’s size and weight. Even so, the device is still pretty big and hefty.

It’s not for the faint of heart, however, as Samsung recommends quite the beast of a PC for you to be able to post-process the 360 Round’s content. The minimum spec requirements are as follows:


For Post Processing:
at least an Intel Core i7-6700K or above
at least one NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU
at least two 16GB of DDR4 RAM
850W power

For Preview and Live broadcast:
at least an Intel Core i7-6950X or above
at least two 32GB DDR4 RAM or more
at least two NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU
850W power

Those are some serious and expensive firepower right there.

Samsung 360 Round specs:
17 cameras @ 2MP with an aperture of f/1.8
6 internal microphones for spatial audio
2 external microphone ports
40GB Internal storage
Expandable via UHS-II SD card up to 256G
External support for SSD up to 2TB
4096 x 2048 @ 30 fps per eye (lens), 3D and 2D Livestreaming and Video Recording
MP4 Video format
USB Type-C
IP65 Dust and Water Resistance
205 x 205 x 76.8mm

The 360 Round will be available in the US this October. Samsung has yet to reveal pricing and there’s also no word yet on local availability.

Zen Estacio is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. He is the team's laptop guru and one of their resident gamers. He has a monthly column compiling the latest and greatest the Nintendo Switch has to offer. Aside from that, he regularly writes gaming news, reviews, and impressions. You can hit him up at @papanZEN

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