Samsung announces Infinity Flex Display for smartphones

Samsung announces Infinity Flex Display for smartphones

Samsung made a new innovation by announcing its new Infinity Flex Display technology for smartphones at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco. This display bends even further than its pioneered curved edge displays for its Galaxy S and Note series.

It was for a brief moment but the company showed the prototype version of a device with the Infinity Flex Display technology which contains a 7.3-inch screen (when unfolded), and a thick form factor with side bezels. The device can also open up to three apps all at the same time which is called “Multi-Active Window”. In order for Samsung to achieve the foldable display, six layers of materials were used, namely, Cover Window (PI), Shock-Absorbent Film, Ultra Thin Polarizer, Flexible Layer, and Flexible Backplane.


Samsung’s pipeline also includes a rollable and stretchable display which will come out in the future.

Source: Samsung

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