Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launches on the 16th at Php33k

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launches on the 16th at Php33k

Samsung has made a quick move to release the Galaxy Note 2 in the Philippines way ahead of the iPhone 5 with an expected retail price of Php32,990.

The invitation from Samsung Philippines points to a launch date of October 16 for the Philippines. Both Smart and Globe have announced their own postpaid plans for the Galaxy Note 2 last week (here and here).


Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 specs:
5.5″ HD Super AMOLED display @ 1280×720 pixels
Exynos 4 Quad 1.6GHz
16GB, 32GB, 64GB internal storage
up to 64GB via microSD card
HSPA+ 21Mbps or 4G LTE 42Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, dual band 2.4GHz & 5.0GHz
WiFi Direct
Bluetooth 4.0
8MP rear camera, 1080p video recording
1.9MP front-facing camera
GPS with aGPS support
3100mAh Li-Ion battery
Android 4.1 Jellybean

Suggested retail price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is pegged at Php32,990 (source). We have a unit already and we will be posting our full review soon.

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23 Responses

  1. Rabby says:

    Nacoconfuse ako, yung “OR 4G LTE” is N7105 model diba? So yung launch sa 16th is just the HSPA+ model

    • NeutralGuy says:

      Parehas lang aatang may LTE eh. Nalagyan naman ata lahat ng variants ng note 2 ng LTE kasi may separate chip na para sa LTE. :)

  2. Ramon says:

    Really, really tempted to buy a note 2 >_<
    But my current phone is still good…

    …magkano kaya benta ng original note ngayon? Wahahaha

    anyway, 31k ang note 2 sa widget city, 28.5k ata sa kimstore :D

    • Kitty says:

      Widget City & Kimstore units come without official Samsung warranty correct? Isn’t it risky? Just for P2k-3k difference?

      Please understand I’m not bashing both of these stores. I just want to know if it’s safe. Samsung phones tend to have problems so what happens when you need replacement or the device is faulty?

  3. Enya says:

    This, or the LG Optimus G…

  4. ronald says:

    Got mine last Tuesday in VMall in Greenhills for P28,500. Titanium Gray. Came from Hong Kong. No Warranty.

  5. Primon says:

    Priced just right, it’s more affordable on the grey market. I’m tempted but…I find the device too big to fit on my pocket.

    Galaxy note 2 (and /or SGS III)is still better (and cheaper) than Iphone 5.

  6. Kevin says:

    Foregoing plans of having the Motorola Razr HD Maxx as my next device because of availability issues. I am getting this one instead.

  7. wengweng2003 says:

    still waiting for lumia 920 price…

  8. blaze says:

    i had mine for 2 weeks.. this is a great phone.. previously had an s2.with the note 2 i have not experienced any lags.. must be the 2gig ram or jellybean. very fast and the battery really last long.

  9. Kitty says:

    I was told that only 16gb will be released in the Philippines.. can anyone confirm this? Because if there’s a chance that 32gb will become available, then i will wait for that instead.

  10. Pinkbux says:

    Great but do you have any idea when they are going to place in the maket the gnote 10.1 tablet?

  11. gears says:

    Sun postpaid plan of unlimited internet 1699 for galaxy S3 has no data cap. Last sept. (1st month of my usage), I consumed 40-50GB bandwidth.

  12. EAbe says:

    What I really really really really want to know is if the 64gb variant of the Galaxy Note 2 will come in the Philippines?

    Or just the 16gb variant of the Galaxy Note 2?

  13. Marcelino says:

    Wow, cheaper than what I expected!

    The first-gen Galaxy Note was 36k when it was released here in the Philippines around November last year.

    I hope OtterBox and other brands of cases will release protective cases before the year ends.

    PS. Make a comparison between the Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5, please :) Still undecided.

  14. Raymond says:

    Got mine at the Smart event at Powerplant earlier. Awesome phone. Got the titanium grey version. I was told that the first 10 customers get a 1thou giftcheck (not sure from where). Too bad I missed that.

  15. TriadWarfare says:

    I know a retailer who sells the SG Note 2 for 31,990. It was also the same retailer where we purchased the first Note. We had problems with the first note (most of them serious, Superbrick and a loose power connector) Both problems required motherboard replacement. At least Samsung was quick to replace these 2 faulty components even if the unit had scratches unlike Apple.
    My former colleague sent her iPod touch 4 for repairs because of the malfunctioning home button but was rejected because of a small unnoticeable ‘dent’. She had to have it repaired in the black market but the first one broke her LCD (not greenhills). Then she went to Greenhills to have both the LCD and the Home button fixed and she ended up paying extra.
    Here’s the specs of the Note 2 that I would expect but is not published by most people:
    >LED Notification (I saw a vid saying that it’s supported). I miss LEDs from my old BlackBerry
    >exFAT support (Not confirmed. I had my USB formatted for exFat for testing and I also have a USB adapter)
    >Offline voice recognition support (That comes with Jellybean.) I also miss that from blackberry. Siri is overrated because it cannot do anything offline.
    >Split-screen multitasking is supported but only after an update.
    >The international version is 3G only. The carrier specific versions are 4G capable. I don’t know why Samsung is dropping the ball on us by releasing a partially baked product. Well, that’s Samsung… What good is a 3100mah battery if you don’t even have 4G? Samsung co-developed 4G but Apple did not. But Apple released 4G in all of it’s iPhone 5 releases. Why not Samsung? I honestly thought that Samsung is going to make the Note 2 4G capable in all their devices since they have discovered a way to overcome the 4G limitations on a quad core chip in their Galaxy S3 re-releases in S. Korea and Australia. I guess they don’t want us to use 4G yet…

    • Kit says:

      Would you know if Globe and Smart’s Note 2 on-hand units are LTE-ready already? Or will this only be for the units released next quarter?

  16. planning to get one as soon as i get paid

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