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Samsung launches Galaxy SmartTag2

Samsung has announced the Galaxy SmartTag2. They are said to be available globally soon.

Samsung Galaxy Smarttag2

The Galaxy SmartTag2 is the successor of the SmartTag and SmartTag+. It is a Bluetooth tracker that allows users to keep track of their belongings and valuables. The tag has an ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity as well to be more precise with tracking.

Samsung has stated that the SmartTag2 can last up to 500 days and, with power-saving mode, can stay on up to 700 days.

The device is compatible with Galaxy devices through the latest SmartThings app. One device can connect up to 200 SmartTags.

The Samsung SmartTag2 is priced at USD 30 which is roughly almost PHP 1700 pesos. The SmartTag2 will be available on October 11.

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