Samsung shares improvements made on current eco-friendly chargers

Samsung Electronics shared the improvements made on its current eco-friendly chargers. This encompasses Samsung Galaxy 15W and 25W smartphone chargers sold from 2014 to 2019.

According to the company’s data, it has reduced the standby power of its flagship models in 2012 to 20mW. Since then, it has followed the standard standby power to all of its Galaxy smartphone chargers.

Samsung developers also enhanced the energy efficiency of its chargers to meet government standards of the European Union and other countries. Since 2014, it has recorded a total of 13 million kW of energy savings which is equivalent to the combined energy of five hydroelectric powerplants.

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Another initiative is the maximization of the number of recycled materials being used to produce new smartphone chargers. These include previously owned devices which are then converted to plastic that makes the adapters of the chargers. Approximately 5,000 tons of post-consumer materials (PCMs) have been used in 2019 to produce Galaxy smartphone chargers. The developers also cleared that adding PCMs do not affect the performance of the chargers.

Samsung continues to explore ways in making greener and environmental-friendly devices that consumers may enjoy.

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