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Samsung to launch W20 5G in China

Samsung’s next device in its W series, the W20 5G, is set to launch in China soon. The W series is a lineup consisting of flip phones.

In the teaser posted by Chinese carrier China Telecom, it’s being suggested that the W20 5G could be a foldable phone rather than a flip phone. Reports say otherwise though, as the teaser poster uses the word ‘folder’ which Samsung uses to describe their flip phones. Not much is known about the W20 5G, apart from the details that it will have 512GB of storage and will come in the colors of black and white. As it says in its name, the device will have 5G support.

It’s being reported that the W20 5G will be launched in China sometime this November. Stay tuned for more details, such as its official specs, once it nears launch.

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