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Scammers produce fake deposit slips for online sellers

Recent incidents pointed to a group of online scammers producing fake BDO deposit slips to show to online sellers in order to process orders.

The faked deposit transaction slips were produced using the original paper (which customers are given after making a deposit) and printed with the validation machines. It is unknown where or how the validation machines were acquired by the scammers.

To the untrained eye, the deposit slips really looked like the original ones. The scammers then use these as proof of payment for orders they’ve made from online stores.

One online seller we talked to has coordinated with BDO which admitted the scam being perpetrated repeatedly by an unknown group.

BDO has acted on this incident and have changed the type of paper they used for the transaction slips.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

37 Responses

  1. Avatar for Eu Hi Eu Hi says:

    Hi Yugatech! I believe hindi fake yung isang deposit slip. Yung “real” deposit slip yung nakalgay means 797 (branch code kung saan ka nagdeposit) IB (inter branch) CD (cash deposit) to 272 (branch code ng account ng pinagsendan mo)

    Yung “fake” deposit slip naman nakalagay lang is 554 (branch code kung saan ka nagdeposit) CD (cash deposit) Kaya ganun lang sya kasi hindi sya inter branch, can be same lang sila na Metro Manila or same City.

    May deposit slips kasi akong ganito na ako mismo ang nakapagtransact kaya napansin ko din ito at nagtanong ako sa teller ng BDO :) Though, meron naman talagang ibang tao gumagawa ng fake deposit slips/proof of payments kaya dapat maging maingat parin tayo. Tulad ng sabi sa ibang comments na dapat talaga check nalang natin tutal real time naman ang pagreflect sa accounts natin :)

    Share ko lang naman toh. Nagpalit narin ng deposit slip ang BDO siguro dahil marami narin sila naring ganitong feedback sa kanila.

  2. Avatar for jerrizza lopez jerrizza lopez says:

    but one of the problem in bdo online banking..they are not updated regarding on deposits on the same day..usually it will shown on the next day..

  3. Avatar for Kenny Kenny says:

    If you’ve signed up with BDO online, you can check your account’s activity, including deposits. It shows you the amount deposited, date and time, and the branch where the deposit was made. If the information provided by the buyer does not check out, then it’s a scam.

    • Avatar for Nes Nes says:

      Exactly. Check the timestamp on the deposit slip and compare it to the timestamp on your online banking transaction history. If things don’t add up, you’re likely being scammed. It pays to be diligent, people.

  4. Avatar for Marilou Huang Marilou Huang says:

    I myself know how to edit pictures. I do not believe on proof of payment. I also do not believe in reference numbers. I need to check the money if it really is deposited or sent (for Cebuana, Western Union…) before I send the package.

  5. Avatar for OPM Songs OPM Songs says:

    Hello Sir Yugatech, Online scammers are really improving their tricks to take advantage with the people. At the first place, honestly as I see what they are offering like making our invested money became big is really attractive. But at the end we will end up on thinking that it is very impossible. By the way, I would like to add, I’ve seen a site name Self Emplyoment Option they say that they If I invest in their program I will gain more money. I wonder if it’s a scam or not?

  6. Avatar for Justin Viudez Justin Viudez says:

    bakit ba di mawala wala yung mga taong ayaw maghirap para kumita. Ingat na tayo lagi at wag masyado magtiwala agad agad.


  7. Avatar for nuts_in_a_noose nuts_in_a_noose says:

    Steering the scammers up by their nuts n boobs.

  8. Avatar for Gary Gary says:

    Dami ng buyers na naloko. check out www.reklamo.ph for ths scam complaints.

  9. Avatar for denise denise says:

    hanggang ngayon pala issue pa din ito. I remember a friend telling me na since siya ang nagdedeposit ng benta ng store na pinagtatrabahuhan niya, napeke niya yung ilang mga deposit slips na pinakita lang niya sa company nila na hindi naman vineverify ng company. Kaya ayun, nakapagpatayo siya ng second floor ng bahay nila. And this happened almost 15 years ago. LOL. grabe.

  10. Avatar for headcracker headcracker says:

    How hard is it to verify na nadeposit na talaga sa account mo yung bayad sayo?

    Umorder ako dati ng TV remote from the official distributor ng isang TV brand kasi nasira na yung orig na remote.
    They gave me an account number to deposit the money to and after ko ideposit and i-inform sila of the deposit details, they asked me to wait for them to confirm the deposit.
    Nung na confirm na nila ayun pinadala na sa kin yung remote thru courier.

    How hard can that be?

  11. Avatar for gadgeteer gadgeteer says:

    ganito ang modus nila ngayon. bibili yan sa iyo, then meron mag dedeposit ng tunay na amount, tapos upon checking makikita mo sa online na pumasok na payment nya, so after you send the item, meron na naman bibili sa iyo ng same amount, but this time sya yung tunay na nagpasok ng pera, tapos i claim nya na nag bayad na sya by showing you the real deposit slip, naturally you will have to send the item bec the real deposit slip is the legit one. so you have been duped but magkasabwat yung dalawa. so mag ingat kayo mga sellers na always make the amount unique para makasigurado at walang lusot, kung 5,000 gawin nyo pa deposit nyo ng 4,998 para makatiyak na sya na nga yun.

  12. Avatar for Chris L. Espina Chris L. Espina says:


  13. Avatar for SELLER SELLER says:

    laging iwithdraw agad ang pera para namomonitor mo ang pasok ng amount para mavalidate mo kung naghulog nga ba ng pera o papel lang ng pekeng slip.

  14. Avatar for FlowerCut jakeabbu FlowerCut jakeabbu says:

    We have on line banking app. it so easy to verify the account kung same code number ng recibo sa recibo na oinadala ng buyer common walabg taong manluluko kung walang taong nagpapaluko. sellers kayo di nyo alam?

  15. Avatar for BDO teller BDO teller says:

    misleading blog,.
    both of the deposit slip is real

    lets refer to assuming FAKE slip

    554 cd – 554 is the branch code of the branch where it was deposited

    u can also verify if its real at the next line
    date time 211n 554 3971 198

    211N means deposited without passbook
    554 branch code
    3971 teller’s code
    198 no. of transaction

    that’s it!

    regarding naman sa difference ng font kasi iba iba naman yung printer ng BDO

    kindly check your savings account before posting something like this.

    797 ib cd to 272 (797 is just the branch code)

  16. Avatar for Ric Ric says:

    Ang tanging suggestion ko di2:

    To Bank: gumawa sila ng Platform sa Website nila na paranga sa mga Remittance Center ung pag pinasok ang Transaction Number ng Depo Slip makikita nila kung saang account papunta at magkano ang idinepo.

    To Sellers: Be Vigilant, Mag Enroll sa Online Banking, Phone or SMS Banking ng inyong Bank. un lng po :)

  17. Avatar for techshop28 techshop28 says:

    Be wise and must have own strategy to recognize scammers and posers..don’t buy with online sellers without registered and physical store UnleSs Trusted by More 100 Buyers..some Scammers create Facebook page similar to the Name of Trusted seller bank account Name and encourages the Buyer to deposit to that account.

  18. Avatar for Teekals Teekals says:

    In our case, we do not require the buyers to send scanned/photographed copies of the deposit slip. We just asked for the amount, time and date of their deposit and the branch where they made the deposit. Then we check through online banking. That is less hassle for the buyer too.

  19. Avatar for Ew Ew says:

    I’m a scammer and I find this helpful. -joke
    Really? haha… note to all scammers out there.

  20. Avatar for eya eya says:

    Guys I think the article is about a scammer seller who fakes BDO deposit slips with their own account number and post it on her instagram or facebook as proof of payments so buyers will think that they are dealing with a legit sellers.. this is not about a real seller being scammed by a fake buyer. ????

  21. Avatar for Iya Iya says:

    Im an online seller myself, kahit 500 lang ang payment, i make sure na pumasok na sa account ko before i send the parcel, since di po updated ang online bank, like real time magreflect saan galing yun payment, though it will appear kung magkano yung balance mo but you still have to verify when you have several deposits for the day, you should be sure where the deposits are coming from, so i call the bank, you can also call any money transfer center to verify a tracking number. There are a lot of ways to secure your online business. You should be very vigilant and careful nowadays.

  22. Avatar for juwecurfew juwecurfew says:

    parang hindi naman. mas magnda kung after you see the payslip check kagad sa online kung nadagdagan nga ba.. as for now wala p nmn gumagawa sakn nun :P

  23. Avatar for joey joey says:

    As mentioned above walang effect and pagpalit ng papel. Hindi rin kailangan ng validation machine para makagawa ng pekeng slip, any dot-matrix printer kaya yan. Dapat actual deposit validation. BDO can create a specific online-banking feature for deposit slip verification if they want to target online-vendors. My two cents.

  24. Avatar for alwell alwell says:

    Pag nakita na ng online seller ang deposit slip the seller should also check it sa online banking transaction nila kung may nadagdag nga na funds base sa time.Ang mahirap lang siguro kung masyado na malaki yung online business at yung owner lang ang nagchecheck ng online banking transaction nya. There is a chance di magawa ng owner na to. Dapat allowed din ang isang trusted employee to always do the checking.

  25. Avatar for Alan Alan says:

    Sellers should enroll their accounts with online banking so they can verify the deposit/transaction.

  26. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    mas malaki ang risk na maloko ang buyer kaysa sa seller. Napakadaling maverify ng deposits through online banking. Lahat na ng banks ngayun may ganyang service. Makipag-transact nalang sa reliable na online shop.

  27. Avatar for Ric Ric says:

    Weird, the sellers didn’t confirm the deposit on their account?

    • Avatar for archie archie says:

      Agree, which is the very basic thing to do. Business is business, so there’s no such thing as 100% trust to be given when talking about money.

  28. Avatar for benchmark benchmark says:

    Very informative Indeed!

    I think these scammers use a dot matrix printer and just copied and layout of the real validation print.

    Well for the online seller, they should valodate first if the transaction they sent is legit or not.

    And yes, I think BDO paper is not the culprit here. These receipt are not “money”, its the transaction itself should be validated if true or not. Perhaps BDO could have an online transaction validation where one can check if it is true or not…perhaps an app in the phone.

    • Avatar for moose moose says:

      They actually have an online banking where you can check you account activities. most banking already have it..

  29. Avatar for loadex loadex says:

    Should Online store have online banking facilities to check veracity of deposit slip?, and yun BDO papalitan ang paper type as a security measure for such scam, and YET anyone can get BDO deposit slip for FREE.

    Changing the paper type will lead to what? Prevention of scam (libre nga yun paper, pasok ka lang sa BDO, hingi sa guard.. voila!)

    Kahit siguro Grade 1 Pad paper gamitin, ok pa din, as long as verified sa account pumasok.. be it through online or old-school “Passbook Update”

    • Avatar for 'em says:

      Same questions in mind!

      So pag nagsend ka ng picture ng deposit slip sa mga online sellers, as in, basta makita lang nila yung account number nila at amount, OK na sa kanila yun? Wala ng other means of verification? So parang sila mismo ang nagpapanakaw sa mga scammers.

    • Avatar for Brad Brad says:

      You can always counter check the deposited amount and the details indicated on the deposit slips via BDO Onlibe Banking. Nakaindicate dun yung amount and code which should be the same as those in the slip. :) I do this all the time para hindi mascam. :)

  30. Avatar for dothackjhe dothackjhe says:

    Very informative, thanks. This could save many from being scammed by these scammers who use a fake deposit slip.

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