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Senator Miriam files Anti-Spyware Act of 2015

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has recently filed Senate Bill No. 2708, also known as the “Anti-Spyware Act of 2015“.

The “Anti-Spyware Act of 2015”, is “an act regulating the unauthorized installation of computer software and requiring the clear disclosure to computer users of certain computer software features that may pose a threat to user privacy.”

Under Santiago’s bill, the law shall:

(a) regulate the unauthorized or surreptitious installation of computer software;
(b) require the clear disclosure to computer users of certain computer software features that may pose a threat to a user’s privacy or the speed or operation of their computer;
(c) give computer users the rights and capacity to:
(i) know what software is being installed on their computer;
(ii) refuse to have the software installed; and
(iii) be able to uninstall any software.


Under Section 7 of the bill, the following are declared prohibited and unlawful:

1. Surreptitious installation of software
2. Deceptive installation of software
3. Misleading inducements to install software
4. Preventing reasonable efforts to remove software
5. Surreptitious information collection
6. Intentional transmission of information by user
7. Adware that conceals its operation
8. Other practices that thwart user control of computer

“It is the responsibility of the State to protect its citizens from unscrupulous individuals who now use technology and the internet to take advantage of unknowing customers.” Santiago said in the bill’s explanatory note. “This bill aims to protect computer users by providing them with the ability to make an informed decision with regards to matters affecting the use of their personal computers. It shall protect their privacy and the security of their personal information.”

For the complete copy of the Senate Bill No. 2708, hit the source link below.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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7 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    Good luck, keyloggers.

  2. FiatLux says:

    *claps hands*
    Good job, Miriam.

  3. Easy E says:

    ???????? sana lang nah pangil itong batas na ito.

  4. NotaSheep says:

    Does this include Android phones?

  5. zhizoicz says:

    FAIL! almost all spywares does not originate from the Philippines, so how the hell can we penalize them if they are OUT OF OUR JURISDICTION….

  6. Summer says:

    “regulate the unauthorized or surreptitious
    installation of computer software”

    How could you regulate something unauthorized? After regulation, would you call it regulated installation of unauthorized software na ba?

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