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SM North Edsa is the world’s biggest solar-powered mall

SM North Edsa is now outfitted with a solar power system making it the world’s biggest solar-powered mall.

SM Prime, in partnership with Solar Philippines, built a 1.5-megawatt (1,500 kilowatt) solar rooftop at SM City North Edsa which will be used to power up a significant portion of the mall’s energy requirements. According to Inquirer, SM North Edsa’s parking building were installed with 5,760 solar panels and 60 inverters covering more than 12,000 square meters.

“SM Prime has always been committed to reduce greenhouse emissions and maximize energy efficiency in our malls. This is just one of many renewable projects we have been doing in our developments and we will continue with finding ways on how to make our operations more environmentally sound and sustainable,” said SM Prime president Hans T. Sy.

SM’s solar power system will be inaugurated on Monday, November 24, and is expected to run for more than 25 years.

source: Inquirer, PHSolar

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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51 Responses

  1. klky says:

    sana manlang may birds eye view kau ng solar panels nila

  2. nemo says:

    Environment kuno nagtitipid lang cla para lalong malaki profit as if they’re not earning enough

    • Archie says:

      Ganun talaga ang business, hahanap ng paraan para mabawasan ang fixed expenses. Good para sa ekonomiya dahil mas mapapababa ang kuryente, mas madaming mamumuhunan at magtatayo ng small starters.

    • mama waaaaa says:

      puro kayo ngawa. eh malamang double purpose yan, makakatipid in the long run tapos makabawas pa sa energy consumption saka pollution.

      i-boycott mo na lang SM para matapos na kakangawa mo.

      buti nga makakabawas sa energy consumption. baka maglupasay ka next summer pag may rotating brownouts tapos sisihin mo malls kung bakit hindi gumamit ng solar panels.

    • bert says:

      What’s wrong with making bigger profits?

    • nemo says:

      The point is the article says they’re doing this for the environment but it’s clear that they are not!

    • Yuj says:

      Pero hindi ba totoo din na mkakabuti yung ginawa nila sa environment?

    • nemo says:

      Gusto mo good for the environment. Plant trees not operate malls. Another thing , I wouldn’t trust words coming from oligarchs who really controls the country

    • nemo says:

      I’m sorry if I accidentally hit some nerves of your beloved mall. As anony mouse said there’s a plan for “staggered mall hours dahil sa looming power shortage/crisis next summer?” Why this plan? Kasi malakas gumamit ng kuryente mga mall. Kaya si SM nagpakabit nito para tuloy tuloy and tao sa kanila para Di maapektuhan yun business nila. Hindi dahil sa “Environment”

    • nemo says:

      @archie #/#_€×£ ikaw. Basahin mo muna mabuti kung ano sinabi ko bago ka mag react. A#&$$^

    • jm says:

      nemo sabog ka ba?
      solar power
      -reduce operating cost when it comes to electricity
      -green energy
      -bababa ang demand ng electricity at ung 1.5mW na un mapupunta sa bahay mo para di ka umiyak pg ng black out

      walang businessman ang gagawa ng kung ano ano kung para lang sa kalikasan sympre kasama ang kita. ungas

    • nemo says:

      Sa mga inutil na nag rereact agad. Tatalugin ko na. ang punto na tinuntukoy ko ay Sinasabi ng SM ginawa Mila to para daw sa Kalikasan ang katunayan ay hindi. Kuha? Mga bobo jm

    • jm says:

      bobong nemo gusto mo pa isa isahin nila effect ng gagawin nila? para sa kalikasan? para sayo? para sa kanila ganun? ungas ka

    • jm says:

      madaming benefits ang solar, hindi lang nila inisa isa sa article, dahil ang main focus tlga ng solar is green energy, hindi para makatipid, kasi alam mo ba kung gaano kamahal ang solar panel + operating expenses? masydong mataas ang kaylangan na capital, ROI nila after 10-15 years pa. un ung punto ko. ndi sila basta basta makaktipid kasi malaki ang capital. malay mo bago ung ROI nila bumaba kuryente ahaha

    • nemo says:

      This is getting “ridikulus” long. Malls consumes lots & lots of energy. They aren’t & can never be environmentally friendly. This is to jm you’re like a dementor so this is my last say “expecto patronum”

    • jm says:

      lol! di mo alam ang technical side, comparing SOLAR to fossil fuel. un ung pingcocompare . hindi porket solar wala ng epekto sa environment. ang pinguusapan level ng polution ng SOLAR compare sa fossil fuel. make some research. Mahirap yung comment ka lang ng comment ahahaha.

  3. Archie says:

    Parang iTunes servers sa California. Madaming business ang gustong magsolar panel pero kakampi ng meralco ang dept. of energy. Sobrang taas ng registration fee at madaming requirements para madiscourage ang mga tao gayong free energy naman ang gagamitin. Pag nagpaquote ka ng 75000 na installation lolobo pa yun hanggang 100k dahil sa mga hinihingi ng doe. Sana may medyo mabait na pulitiko na ilalaban ang solar panel para sa mga ordinary people.

  4. Anony Mouse says:

    Yan ba sagot ng SM laban sa gustong mangyaring staggered mall hours dahil sa looming power shortage/crisis next summer? Baka naman sa CDR-King lang binili yung mga solar panels & controllers nila?

  5. solar system says:

    i’m pretty sure the solar system has been inaugurated eons ago.

    • Yuj says:

      Although I dont think there ever was a formal inauguration.

    • archie says:

      The technology is more than 2 years old but our goverment will never promote this technology. Mababawasan ang kita ng Meralco pag nagswitch ang tao sa alternative energy. Basahin nyo na lang ang requirements ng DOE for basic installation, halatang kakampi nila ang Meralco sa dami ng kailangan at taas ng reg fee.

  6. boybato says:

    This is a good news indeed. I just hope that the cost of solar cells will go down pa kasi medyo prohibitive pa ang prices niya for ordinary folks. Harnessing the power of nature is a good way in helping our country lessen its dependence on non-renewable resources.

  7. jim de nooij says:

    if they keep all doors closed, as much as possible, they will save at least the same amount of kilowatt’s, sometimes they do, but it seems too much trouble for the guards, after a few days they work wwith doors wide open, a disgrace

  8. Ghosthunter says:

    A mall the size of SM North Edsa requires at least 50 megawatts of power to operate it

    So putting it into scale, what is 1.5 megawatts?

    It would be like installing a solar panel on a jeepney and claim the jeepney is “solar powered”.

    • Boybukid says:

      Para mo na ring sinabing sibakin na solar and wind energy farms sa pilipinas kasi 0.16 percent lang nacocontribute nila sa total energy demand natin. Mag-isip ka please. At least they are using renewable energy na kahit gano kaliit yan nakakacontribute pa din sa pag lessen ng carbon emission. Kaya di tayo umuunlad dahil sa paraan ng pag-iisip ng mga taong katulad mo.

    • v says:

      I dont think ghosthunter wants to remove or sibak anything. Wag masyado defensive or galit. He’s just trying to point out that the wording is slightly misleading. Why its misleading, well we dont know. There are several possible reasons and of course some of them involve some negative intentions

  9. Ghosthunter says:

    Solar, wind and other alternative power sources is just a drop in the proverbial bucket if we are talking about power generation for a city like Metro Manila. At best they can offset some peak load requirements but they will NOT replace base load power capacity which we are in short supply.

    We desperately need more conventional power stations to generate more base load power because the power requirements of Metro Manila is growing every year in pace with it’s growing population.

    • v says:

      yeah. What if we stop building (but keep all existing) fossil fuel plants and build only solar plants. what happens when the amount of electricity consumption grows so that the post sunset electricity consumption exceeds the capacity of the retained fossil fuel plants?

      We can use wind but even the ilocos windmills have nights where the wind is slow

    • Boybukid says:

      Kung base load ang pagbabasehan mo hindi talaga kaya i-offset ng mga renewable energy sources yan dahil hindi sila ganon kadependable. Paano gagana ang solar panel kung walang araw? Wind power kung mahina hangin? The point is, renewable energy is there to help lessen the carbon emission sa pag generate ng electricity, at the same time contribute sa total demand ng electricity, hindi para maging primary supply ng energy sa isang bansa. If we’re talking base load it’s either coal or nuclear lang ang solution, ang diesel/LNG mahirap na asahan dahil may mga report na of impending oil shortage.

    • v says:

      “The point is, renewable energy is there to help lessen the carbon emission sa pag generate ng electricity, at the same time contribute sa total demand ng electricity, hindi para maging primary supply ng energy sa isang bansa”

      that is correct but many people might for various reasons like ignorance and the hype (these people are in the solar panel business and they have a financial incentive to hype it) actually believe that wind and solar could actually power an entire country. Thats not possible since battery storage tech is not developed yet. We need to set the record straight

  10. Gareth says:

    How about allocating some of their profits into improving their worker’s wages and giving them benefits? Hanggang ngayon puro contractual pa ba mga nandyan? Mga tsekwa talaga pera lang ang alam.

  11. nemo says:

    My point is the article doesn’t have to say they’re doing it for the environment which clearly they aren’t

  12. Yuj says:

    So you’re saying na hindi nakakatulong sa environment yung ginawa nila?
    Kasi kung hindi talaga then wala talaga sila karapatan sabihin yun.
    Pero kung meron naman then they have every right to say so. Pwede namang they’re doing it for the environment and for profit diba?

    • nemo says:

      Exactly, it’s not helping the environment. Their malls consumes too much energy that it’s against the environment to have them there in the first place.

    • Yuj says:

      Well their malls are here and asa ka naman na ipapasara nila yun.
      I’m sure marami din nakikinabang sa malls nila na malaki mawawala pag isinara mga to.
      So I think it’s a step in the right direction na they’re trying something to counteract the damage they’re doing.

    • archie says:

      @nemo You’re stupid. If solar panel will be developed and used in all their branches. They will be consuming FREE energy. It is good for the environment dahil bawas expenses na, bawas carbon footprint pa. Para kang taga DOE magsalita, kunwari pro alternative energy pero dinidiscourage ang mga tao na mag solar panel dahil mababawasan ang kita ng Meralco.

    • nemo says:

      Archie basahin mo muna mabuti bago ka mag react
      Di yun ang sinabi ko. ##$÷###×

    • archie says:

      @nemo naintindihan ko ang sinabi mo and it is still stupid. It doesn’t matter kung masyadong malakas kumonsumo ang mga malls ng kuryente as long as nagbabayad sila at naghahanap sila ng alternative energy. Wala ka na ding pakialam kung ginagawa man nila yun for extra profit. You are comparing consumption of 12 million people living in metro manila against a handful of sm branches. Tumira ka sa north korea kung ayaw mo ng kapitalismo. Pantay pantay ang mga tao doon at gobyerno lang ang may pera.

    • nemo says:

      Archie ikaw ang STUPID. Hindi ako anti solar. What I said they don’t have to say they’re helping environment. That’s it. Your haughty putrid miniscule brain can’t read properly

    • nemo says:

      Ang Pilipinas democracy? Ang Philippines ay parang “Godfather” movie hawak ng iilang pamilya in other words Oligarchy. COJUANCO,AYALA,SY,TAN,ESTRADA

    • jm says:

      di ka parin tumitigil na pinipilit mo na hindi makakatulong sa environment ang pagamit ng solar? na idadahilan mo basta my kuryente nkakasama ito sa environment? tulad nga ng sinabi ko, ang pingkukumpara dito ay SOLAR POWER VS FOSSIL FUEL sino ang mas makakalikasan. yang pagka bobo mo tigil tigilan mo kasi nakakabadtrip na

  13. v says:

    without energy storage, solar power can only help with daytime power usage.

    What if we stop building (but keep all existing) fossil fuel plants and build only solar plants. What happens when the amount of electricity consumption grows due to pop and economic growth so that the post sunset electricity consumption eventually exceeds the capacity of the retained fossil fuel plants?

    We can use wind but even the ilocos windmills have nights where the wind is slow

    • v says:

      eventually we need more baseload electricity plants. We dont have any more big dammable rivers specially in luzon and we have only a limited amount of geothermal left. That leaves us with either fossil fuel or nuclear. And we know which one contributes to climate change

  14. hewhomustnotbenamed says:

    readers of this blog are always complaining. this is good news people. as if nmn may mga solar panels kyo sa bahay nio. nkakatawa rin ung mga nagcocomment as if they’re technical writers. napaka pretentious (GET A LIFE!)

    • archie says:

      Another stupid comment. Wala kang pakialam kung parang technical writer magcomment ang ibang tao dahil alam nila ang sinasabi nila. Ganun ang information world, makakabasa ka ng hindi agree sa opinyon mo. Democracy ang internet, don ka sa north korea kung ayaw mong nakakabasa ng idea ng ibang tao.

  15. hewhomustnotbenamed says:

    Wow archie ok na sana e kso dinugtong mo pa to “Democracy ang internet” at eto “Ganun ang information world, makakabasa ka ng hindi agree sa opinyon mo”. so i guess wala ka ring dapat paki elam kung ano man gusto kong sabihin. BURN my friend, BURN…

  16. StupidNemo says:

    nkakatawa c nemo…. LMAO

  17. jm says:

    imba si nemo eh, maipilit lang ang gusto tlga kahit maling mali na ahaahahaa sabog

  18. nemo says:

    This is my last last last say. Just because you researched you’re info on some Wikipedia or Google or whereever doesn’t make your info true. It’s possible it could be propaganda. And it doesn’t make you intelligent. Jm j manure yes you. You’re like my in-laws you had to have your last say.

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